Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“My experiences with Patti Labelle”)

Pattie Labelle is a Philadelphia icon. She is a truly awesome singer who has been well known to have ties to Philly. She has had many hits, but her biggest one is a monster track called “Lady Marmalade.” I have had the honor to perform with her on “several” occasions. I remember on one evening we were trying to get ready to play for an event entitled Teddy 25 where Patti didn’t really have time to rehearse. The gig was scheduled to be at the Kimmel Center here in Philadelphia, so Patti decided to hear us play the music “over the phone” while she sang to it. We thought it was hilarious, but hey, it “worked.” On the day of the show, we “rocked” it. On another occasion, we did a major outdoor concert with her at the Art Museum on the parkway here in Philly (same place where they had the Live Aid concert years before). For this event as well, we had no rehearsal with her at all, and didn’t even get to communicate with Patti beforehand. At this stage she trusted us and she already knew the gig would be in great hands. On the evening of the show I was beginning to wonder if she would even show up for her own gig. Just a few minutes before showtime, a white limo pulls up to the stage, and after a few minutes out stepped “Patti.” She waved a friendly “hello” to us as she came onstage and started doing her show as though we all had rehearsed for decades. It was a great moment, and of course I got great enjoyment out of seeing her “kick off her shoes onstage, lay down on her back and sing.” Of course, she had her “hot flash” moments onstage, but that never stops her from giving her all during her performances. Patti is over 70 in age now, but she can still “out-sing” many of these younger upcoming stars. If you like to see “real singing at it’s best” then you need to check out Patti Labelle. I will cherish the moments I have had onstage with her, and I hope you don’t mind me sharing with you today. As always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Please make the most of it.


Skype: Brettjolly1

Patti Labelle and Brett Jolly in concert

Patti Labelle and Brett

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