Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“What is the future of music?”)

What is the future of music? Right now, the industry seems to lack any real identity to me. During the 80’s there was mostly disco. During the 90’s was the emergence of rap. For a while now music as we know it has had some good moments, but not hardly enough to change the state of the industry. A lot of people don’t even have to buy music with the ability to steal off the internet. Many record labels that were once big over a decade ago have dissipated. While conventional radio is still around, there are many satellite and internet stations, apps, and other stuff that have emerged that are competing with them (and may soon end up putting them out of existence). To some degree, that could be a welcome change, because maybe that will result in an infusion of more talent and variety rather than the same ones that are “always” being promoted. There are a “ton” of great artists out there that “no one knows about,” and that is because these artists lack the money needed to be promoted on conventional radio. In the meantime, we continue to be bombarded with music from the same sources whereby just about everyone’s music sounds the same (with a few exceptions here and there). It would be nice for artists to get paid from their work. While media such as Spotify and Pandora will feature other artists I have heard horror stories about how the artists they feature don’t get their royalties the way they feel they should. There needs to be change. Naturally, if you can’t make sales off your own product then that can take away the incentive to write and perform music. If the regular radio industry crashes and burns I don’t think too many people will actually miss it. I know I won’t… I like variety and quality in my music. I realize that I am from an older generation, but why can’t I listen to what I want? My regular radio station in Philadelphia that I grew up to has decided that it wants to attract “younger” audiences, so it is playing more music that can be heard on other regular stations. That is why I am now exploring my other alternatives. I have no intention of waiting to see if these people will get back to catering to my generation. I am searching for new music that “lifts me.” The future of music will be interesting to see, but if they don’t start making changes now there may not even be a future for it anymore. i guess we will just have to see… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always i wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson and Brett Jolly

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