Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How far would you extend yourself to help another?”)

I am one of those people who “really believes” in helping others. I will often give money to those on the street who are “legitimately destitute and homeless.” If someone is stranded in an emergency and I am capable of helping out, then most times I will do so. I got a late night call from a woman who was “frantic and very emotional.” She had been living with another female for years but last night she was virtually “roaming the streets with no place to go.” She called several people for help, and none of them responded to her. Then she called me… Truth be told, I listened, and at first I really didn’t want to get involved at all. However, the man side of me said that I would feel bad if I didn’t do something to help a woman in that kind of emergency situation. From what I knew of her, she was not a tramp. She was not someone who seemed sexually out of control with men. She said that she got punched by the other women who owned the house and was told to get out. She left the rest of her clothes there. I went and got her even though I had “no plan” for what to actually “do” with her. She had friends, but none would answer her on this evening and she was turing to “anyone” she felt that would help her instead of try to take advantage of her. She was frantic and for some reason she had no money at all. Once I arrived and got her off the streets I asked her where she wanted to go. I told her that maybe we should contact the police, which she didn’t want to do. I even offered to put her up in a hotel room (for her to stay alone) just for the night, which she could have paid me back for later. She was way too emotional to even think straight and what should have been an easy solution seemed to become “much more difficult.” After what seemed like an eternity, she “finally” found a female friend of hers who would at least take her for the rest of the night. That was good news to hear, because normally I don’t like to get involved with drama of any kind. Considering the fact that I really didn’t know her THAT well, should I have helped her out? Maybe so, or maybe not, but I can honestly say that if I had NOT helped her and then something really tragic happened to her then I doubt I could have lived that down.  You see, at some point we “all” are placed in a situation of distress and may need to reach out to “anyone who will hear.” In one way or another, we ALL are dependent upon each other for survival. Tomorrow it could be me or you in that situation. To me it didn’t matter whether it was a female or a guy. I have helped male friends out in the middle of the night as well. The question in my mind is “Did I save her, or did I only save her temporarily?” Time will tell, and I guess in time I will find out whether I did the right thing or not. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and allowing me to share my story with you. Today I am tired, but at least for now it feels as though i did the right thing. Would you have done the same? Thanks again, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Let’s be considerate of others in achieving that goal…


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