Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The OTHER side to being a successful musician”)

So someone asked me the other day to post about the “other” side of being a musician. I know that I have posted all kinds of things about the positives, but I was actually asked to say something about those “OTHER experiences” I have had with people that are just “fans” of musicians. Actually, I was first asked if I had any “groupies.” Groupies are people that adore you so much they follow you “everywhere” you perform musically (and even places you may NOT be performing). For the record, as far as I know I don’t have ANY groupies. Yes, some people will show up at some shows but that doesn’t necessarily elevate them to “groupie” status. There “is” a difference. I was also asked to list some of the “off the wall” propositions I have had during my career. I am leery of this because I really don’t’ want anyone to think the wrong impression of me. I cannot help what other people do nor how they act, but I can tell you that I have not managed to live this long being “reckless.” There is already a strong negative stereotype about musicians and my parents raised me well enough to make sure I don’t get caught up in that kind of stigma.That being said, I can honestly say that I have been “groped, grabbed and flashed” on several occasions as a musician. There are people who (for some reason) feel they need the attention, so they will sometimes stop at nothing to get it. In Vegas, some lady who I never met before rushed onstage to grab my arm. I just looked down at her and said. “Baby, you REALLY need to let go of my arm.” Security approached cautiously because they didn’t want to hurt me in the process, but they eventually had to “pry” her from off of me (and no, I didn’t miss a note in the process). In Brazil a lady wanted my autograph, but she didn’t have “any” paper at all for me to write on (I will let your imagination wander on just how this was accomplished). In London after a show, this beautiful model came up to me and without even telling me her name asked to get upstairs to my dressing room so she could kick it with me. This felt suspicious from the very start and I politely declined her offer. That was a good thing, because right after that she went straight to the other musicians in the band and asked the same thing. For the record, we ALL declined her. Also, when on the road, I have had knocks on my hotel room door at night from women who wanted to crash with me for the night (I never told anyone other than band members where my hotel rooms were). I could just envision waking up in the morning to find her AND my wallet gone, so she was declined as well. At one of my gigs I actually had 2 women that I had never met before fight over me in the parking lot. The police actually had to arrive to break it up and I had no idea until I found out later. One of the ladies asked me if we could go out, blood streaming out of her nose. For some reason, that didn’t look very sexy to me (smile). I really couldn’t understand that one. I have a lot of stories, but I will leave you with this last one for now. At one of my outside gigs this woman really loved the way I played, so she told me that if I sang this one song entitled “I shot the sheriff” that she would have a big surprise for me. Well, I sang the song, and she went over to the bushes where only the band and I could see her, lifted up her shirt and started “pleasuring herself” to our song. Even I had to admit that she looked awesome. They guys in the band just kept saying “Whatever you do, don’t STOP!” ¬†After the song was over, this guy who was with her flipped a coin and asked me to call it. I said “Heads” and it came up “tails.” He then said to me, “This just ain’t your lucky day, and then left with the woman.” I mentioned all of these things today only because I was asked to. I promise you I have no ego and I am not saying any of this for any bragging rights. i usually conduct myself properly whenever I do shows and just because other people may sometimes get out of hand doesn’t mean that I have to stoop to their levels. I do not drink, smoke, or get high. I also don’t do any wild parties. Yes, being a musician will often have a wild side to it, but if your head is on straight then you don’t have to give in to temptation. I have way too much to live for to get caught up in a really “stupid moment.” I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this post. I was only trying to be real. That being said, I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brett Jolly and Kathy Sledge, who sang the hit song “We are Family” from Sister Sledge

Kathy Sledge and Brett