Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Thoughts and memories about Johnny Kemp”)

Yes, this man was truly a “one hit wonder.” Yes, his rise to fame didn’t last long, but if you ever got to actually “see” Johhny Kemp’s show you would see that this man truly knew how to “rock a stage.” The man who “originally” performed and recorded the hit song “Just got paid” was recently found dead in the ocean of Jamaica (Montego Bay) at the age of 55. ‘N Sync later covered the tune and re-released it later. Here is the link to this story:

I remember years ago performing for some big function where Kemp was on the program. At first I couldn’t tell which person was  him. I did know that he had Luther Van Dross’s background singers performing with him. He was not a tall man, but once onstage his show was “incredible.” He jumped around all over the place. He was not inhibited at all, often “grinding” on anything he could find. Yes, he was naughty, but he “brought it all” onstage. I have no idea why he didn’t become bigger after this one hit. I thought he was good enough to have a longer career. It was my pleasure to talk to him and his persona was “nothing” like his show. He was very mature with a calm nature. Actually, the last time I saw him was about a year ago when he was performing in Delaware. Of course, he was much older, and slower. He performed to a track, and the key of the tune had been lowered. Hey, at 55 years of age we ALL have a tendency to slow down a bit. My condolences go out to the family of Johnny Kemp. He was a great performer in my eyes, and I hope he rests comfortably and eternally in God’s hands.


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