Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Would you dare to be great?”)

Many of us are “content” with where we are in life. If you have a job making a decent enough income and you are doing it legally, then you might be completely satisfied with where you are now. You might even believe that you are now “too old” to think of reaching out for higher levels. I am a firm believer that as long as you live you should “continue to grow.” The true quality of life comes from “your own efforts to give value” to your life. A lot of people are influenced by the words of others. They may tell you that you are “too old” or “too set in your ways” to achieve another milestone in your life. Their words should have no effect on you unless you “allow” them to. When you think of it, how many people reading this believe they have “not yet” reached their full potential yet? For those of you who believe it, how many of you are actually “doing something” about it? I feel there is nothing wrong with “daring to be great.” The worst that could happen is that you would fail. At this stage of my own life I have already done a LOT musically. I have played for many big name artists from Chaka Khan to Usher. I have traveled to great places and seen some of the most beautiful sites in the world (and met up with so many new and interesting people). I could easily say “I’m through now” and just continue to play music”locally.” However, I feel that there is much more that I can still accomplish. I won’t know what I can do until I at least “apply myself.” The first step for me starts with the “vision.” I have to be able to “see it” if I want to “live it.” Once I see it, each destination in life “starts” with the “very first step.” I am not trying to sound like a preacher or some motivational speaker this morning, but if you believe that there is much more that you can accomplish in life, then I hope you feel compelled to “grasp your opportunity.” We should always set goals for ourselves and continue to reach them until the day we solve “all world hunger.” However, if you have not made it to that stage yet, then keep reaching for your own personal dreams until you actually do. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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