Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Life… from this point on…”)

Just recently i talked to a singer/friend who is looking to put a music package together. She has great talent and I truly think she is definitely marketable. We had the chance to talk about her style as well as her image and the conversation went very well. I was totally surprised when she even told me that she likes to read my blog. As the conversation went on, she mentioned that she made a “really bad mistake” in her life, and that it was so bad that she almost went to jail for it. She said that I could easily Google her name and the case would probably come up. I immediately told her that “we ALL” make mistakes in life and none of us is perfect. I told her that I didn’t need to look up what she did and I didn’t care about it either. You see, many people will tend to judge you by the past even though the past is now over and that person from back then may no longer exist. No matter how much you look over your shoulder at the past, that scene “never” changes. The person who matters most to me is the one who is experiencing “life… from this point on…” I’m sure we ALL have done things in our lives that we wish we could correct. The fact of the matter is that we “can’t.” I mentioned before about my barber who  mistakenly killed 3 people when he drove recklessly. He told the judge that he knew he made a bad mistake and he could understand if no one would forgive him. As bad as his crime was, he is free now and he is a totally changed man. His reputation may forever be tainted from the accident, but at least now he has the opportunity to move on and make amends. I also remember years ago when I was an apartment manager and an applicant for my maintenance department came to me. He told me that he had done time in prison for murder and he admitted to me that he would like a second chance in life. I wanted to give it to him, but the landlords told me that i couldn’t hire him because of his record. Well, the man I eventually hired with a “good record” was accused of stealing and was fired from the job. I only wished that i could have given the job to the one man who I thought deserved the second chance. Time will tell if this singer/friend of mine will be able to overcome whatever she did wrong in the public eye. I have no intentions of judging her on anything other than her dedication to making this project work. I think it would be nice if we ALL could learn to judge people not in accordance with what they’ve done, but rather from what we think they “will do” in “life… from this point on….” Sometimes things truly are better “the second time around.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Please make the “most” of it…


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Billy Paul (” Me and Mrs. Jones” and “Your Song”) and Brett Jolly in concert



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