Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“My own experience with singer Stephanie Mills”)

First, let me say that as many singers get older, they lose a little bit of their vocal abilities. No one is immune from the effects of age, but if there ever was a singer that I thought could exceptionally defy it, it would have to be Stephanie Mills. At the age of 55 (or somewhere around there) the woman can still sing incredibly. I don’t know if that is from her exercise routine or from the fact that she still has a very “kid-like developed” body (Stephanie is not very tall at all…In fact, she doesn’t even reach 5 feet in height). She was a star in the musical “The Wiz” and she is one of the few who actually “dated” the “King of Pop Michael Jackson” at one point. I recently read an article that said she “refuses” to be featured on a television segment series entitled “Unsung.” This program talks about the careers on one time great artists and where they are now. I have been on the show myself (the one that features Teddy Pendergrass) and I can say that the show usually tries to portray the positives in most artists. I know for a “fact” that they could have “really beat down” on the  brothers from the Delfonics. They were kind and gentle with that episode, even though I know personally that there is a lot of war going on with them. Anyway, if you have not seen the article on Stephanie Mills, here is the link:

I have worked with Stephanie on several occasions, and there is a lot that I can say in regards to her. I will not put her on blast, but I will say that I have “personally witnessed her get upset and combative on several occasions. If there was a true definition of someone who seems to have “short person’s complex” I would have to say that in “my opinion” it would be her. From what I saw, it doesn’t take much to “set her off” and I have literally seen her try to fight people that were several feet taller than her (men and women). One time she opened up a program for us (We were doing the show with Teddy Pendergrass) and she just seemed to have this “major attitude” before the show. I asked Teddy if there was an some kind of problem with her, and he simply responded by saying “I don’t know what her f—–g problem is.” There are a lot of stories out there about her performing with her back to the audience, fighting over money and just being difficult to work with. I only know that I never had a problem with her. She personally told me that when she broke into stardom her road was a tough one. She said that the people who gave her a chance were rough on her all through her rise up. She believes in being the same way when it comes to her dealings with others. I think it is unfortunate that she doesn’t allow herself to be featured on “Unsung,” but she has every right to decline that show if she wants to. I can only say that it was a pleasure to work for her, and I sincerely hope she continues to bless all with her great vocal ability. I thank you for reading my Daily Thought and as always I wish the absolute best that life has to offer.


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Stephanie Mills and Brett Jolly

Stephanie Mills and Brett Jolly


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