Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Paying homage to my mother”)

Yesterday, March 25, started out as a very busy day for me. I had to wake up early to perform at a middle school (which I love to do… kids really enjoy seeing professional musicians do their thing). Early that morning I wrote my Daily Thought as I normally do, but I had completely forgotten that yesterday was the birthday of my late mother, Rowena Jolly. As soon as I got back from playing my school gig, I needed to take my family out to the cemetery to visit her grave site so that we all could pay our respects. Each year I like to tell her story, because I have nothing but love for her. The deep part about her was that she was not a “great” woman in her own right, but I am proud of the things that she managed to accomplish during her life time. At one point she smoked a LOT. She spent a lot of money on cigarettes and had no problem lighting them up. Then at one point she became an alcoholic. She drank a lot during my young teen years and often she would come close to driving us around and almost killing us with close crash encounters. We would hide the booze from her constantly, only to find that she would just go out and buy more. One day it reached the worst peak when we came home and found blood all over the house. That was when we realized that my mother had “shot herself” in an attempt to take her own life. My father “immediately enrolled her in AA (Alcohol Anonymous) and after her stay there she completely “kicked her addiction” and never went back. She took it even further and managed to quit smoking as well. Mom told jokes that no one would laugh at except herself, and she was fine with that. She was opinionated, but true to her heart. She told my father that he couldn’t sing, but yet Pop was “lighting them up in churches” and often coming home with lipstick on his collar from women who wanted to hug him after his performances. Towards the end I remember her having to  go to the hospital for some kind of complications. She spent months in there and the hospital couldn’t find anything wrong with her. They discharged her, but not long after that she went to “another hospital” to discover that she had “ovarian cancer” and it had spread. They gave her a year and a half to live. I often think about how the first hospital “misdiagnosed her” and while it makes me think that maybe my mother could have been saved it also makes me realize that God’s Will is unquestionable. I finally lost my mother in 2004. I realize that I have shared this story before, but when it comes to my mother I feel she is worth the yearly tribute. I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Please make it a great one.


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Gary US Bonds (“I danced until a quarter to 3”) and Brett Jolly in concert



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