Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Are we really as smart as we think we are?”)

After thinking about it for a minute, I actually pondered this question, “Just how smart are we… really?” When you think about it, our society has systematically been geared for people to go to school, get good grades, graduate and make a decent living. Yet how many “big named entertainment artists” have actually “followed” this formula to success? Did Jay-Z or Beyonce ever graduate from college? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know that they are multi-millionaires whether they attended school or not. What about some of the others like Kanye or Rihanna? Brittney Spears? Will Smith? How many pro athletes only did “one year” of college only to leave early and become instant millionaires (and then never even go back to get their degrees)? LeBron James became a millionaire straight out of high school. We are charged astronomical fees to attend college just so that we can “start off broke” after we graduate and then try to find some way to pay off the “huge” student loan we took (just so we could graduate to make more money in the first place). How much sense does that really make? When it comes to capital punishment, we sentence murderers to “death” just to show them that killing is “wrong.” Yeah, THAT surely shows a high level of intelligence. On the other side, many of us are “Pro Life” when it comes to the sensitive subject of “abortion and killing unborn babies”, and yet those same people “rarely” intervene when it comes to those who are on death row (and about to be executed). I guess that must mean that we are only pro life when it comes to “certain lives.” And what about the babies that “do” actually make it into this world born to parents that are not properly equipped to raise them? Many of these kids grow up in a violent world only to comment violence against someone else whose parents raised him or her properly. The money that we could invest into better training and education seems to be spent more on “prisons.” The disease Ebola kills thousands of people in Africa but we wait until it strikes here in the United States before we actually find a way to “cure it.” On the social side, women will wear makeup, false hair, short tight skirts, push up bras with low cleavage, form fitting dresses, heels and sexy attire and then say later on they want a man to love them “for their minds.” Most men will take a woman out on a date, pay the bill and make sure that he “lets her know frequently how much the bill was” so that he can impress her with his money instead of his “great gentlemanly personality.” When a man frequents a lot of women he is often known as a “stud.” When a woman frequents a lot of men she if often known as a “ho.” Many of us get “married for life” just so we can divorce after 5 years or so. We claim to be more “civilized” than other animals on the planet and yet we kill off more of each other than they do. We go to war to kill people we don’t even know and never met before just because our government doesn’t like their government. In the United States, Republicans and Democrats claim they want the same things for the American Public, but yet none of them can ever agree “on anything.” How smart is that? Many of us actually hate the police… at least until we need them in an emergency. We don’t want people to speed in cars and yet we keep making them capable of doing speeds up to 120 miles per hour. Don’t get me wrong, we managed to receive radio waves and video signals over the air, construct automobiles and planes and even invented the internet. Those are great accomplishments, but in the process we are “killing” our climate with global warming (among other environmental disaster issues). We declare ourselves to be the superior form on life on this planet. Then why are we killing ourselves in this way? Yes, I would love to believe that our “intellect” places us above all other species on this planet. I I just can’t help but ponder that we might not be as intelligent as we think we are sometimes. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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