Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Should a preacher be entitled to a private jet?”)

I had a recent discussion about a preacher who (at that time) wanted his followers to donate money to him so that he could obtain a “$65 million dollar private jet.” As far as I know, the preacher was well known and well respected and NOT known as a sham preacher. However, he has since “rescinded” his bid for those donations and decided to take commercial flights to the places he wants to go. The question is, “With all the people who are in need in the world, should he have even had the nerve to ask for it in the first place, and would it have been right for the people to actually “donate” that money to him for that purpose?” For those of you who don’t know the story, here is the article link:

“Faith” is important to a LOT of people, and rightfully so. Many people seek a closer relationship to God (or Allah, or whatever name He is called in different places) but a lot of those people seek the interpretation of God’s Word through the definitions of “man,” most known as preachers. When preachers relay the Word, they give what “they” believe is the “true meaning” behind what God says and what they believe God wants. The biggest problem with this is that all preachers are just as “human, fallible and subject to temptation” as the rest of us. I am NOT trying to insinuate that any pastors are fakes. However, there have been some “notable” legendary pastors who were found faulty in their own judgments even though these people had “large numbers” in their congregations. Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Henry Lyons and more have stories that people need to read about. One lady who declared to me that she was “truly religious” said that “Some of the BIGGEST devils can actually be found IN the church.” With that being said, Should this pastor’s followers have donated that much money to him for the purpose of his “private jet?” Please keep in mind that I am not passing judgment, but actually asking what I believe to be a legitimate question. Granted, he originally stated that he would have used the jet to travel to places around the world to spread his ministry, but if he could have received $65 million couldn’t that money have been “better managed” to actually “help those in need?” I honestly don’t know the cost for most planes, but I would imagine that the amenities in a plane of that nature and price would have had to be “somewhat exorbitant.” I would love to know what most “other” preachers feel about this. At this juncture the concept is “off the table.” I can’t help but think that maybe this pastor “thought about it” and then realized that what he was asking for was not “God’s true Wish” and then decided to curtail his endeavors for this plane. Whatever the reason, I only hope that if this pastor truly “has the power” to solicit this amount of money from his followers that he uses that money to help “heal the world.” Maybe obtaining a private jet would do so, but for some reason I just cannot “feel” that. For me, the true saint isn’t measured by the “size of his plane,” but rather the “size of his heart.” As always, I welcome any and all opinions on this, and I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today. I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Please make it a great one.


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