Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Stepping up into the new age with my new Phone”)

Okay, I have to admit that even though I can work complicated recording equipment, edit videos and operate expensive cameras, i am “absolutely lost” when it comes to operating the new era of “phones.” It took me a “long” while to even “purchase” my very first cell phone. i knew nothing about them  and I had to enlist the help of my kids (who knew a lot more about them than I did). Well, recently I was going through a whole “lot” of bad issues with my phone. Most times it would not charge properly and would run out of power by the middle of the day. On top of that, it was “extremely slow” and would often “freeze up” on me or go to different functions on it’s own (without me even touching it). When you add in the fact that it would often “dial people on its own” I began to realize that it was time to “make a change.” i went into the store yesterday and told them that I was “lost in time.” The people laughed, and then looked at my phone and laughed some  more. They told me that my phone was so old that they didn’t even make that model anymore.  The deep part is that the lady asked me what features I  wanted in a phone and to be honest I wasn’t sure of what to tell her. At first I just told her that I wanted a “phone that works.” She informed  me that every phone in the store works with the exception of the one I just brought in. So I thought about it a little bit,  and then I asked her if I could access music off the internet with my phone and play it through my car speakers. She directed me to the phone that she thought was right for me. After spending money that I did not really want to spend, I left the store  and took my phone home, only to then realize that a LOT of my contacts didn’t transfer over into the new phone. I took it back and then they hooked it up for me (It took a long while to do because I have “MANY” contacts that  needed to be transferred. Today will mark my new introduction into the “present era of phones.” I may have to ask my kids  how to do certain things again, but this time I hope that I will have a phone that I can operate. It’s a shame to  admit it, but I was living in the dinosaur era. I am sharing this today because many of us may be “stuck in time” when it comes to how we operate things in life. We don’t take the chance to upgrade into the future because we may not want to go through the experience of having to “learn all over again.” The fact of the matter is that we ALL need to upgrade in order to catch up with the present. With the help of my kids, I will learn this phone (and I may cuss everyday after discovering some other function that i can’t operate properly). I just hope that learning the new technology will be not be overwhelming. So if anyone calls me and I can’t figure out how to call you back, please  have patience. It may happen in time. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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