Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (My “favorite artist of ALL time”)

I’ve shared the same stage with him. I’ve performed musical tributes to him (with Brian McKnight singing his songs). I’ve loved his music ever since I first heard it. This man is just so awesome. Even though he was just “incredible” during his younger years, he still has a “lot” left in his tank. In this video he still “sings the fool” out of this song. The only difference is that when it comes to the really high pitch scream in the middle of the song he will ask the audience to sing it for him (This is a singer’s ploy so that they won’t have to hurt their throats screaming this note….You will hear him ask the audience to scream it in this video for him). Whenever you ask him any kind of philosophical question, you had better be prepared to stick around for a while, because this guy will answer it  and keep right on talking. He is one person who has managed to take his disability and actually make it work “for him.” Between you and I, the music grapevine has put out the story that whenever he mets a woman for the first time, he puts his hand out to touch her face. Since he is legally blind, “sometimes” his hands don’t make it “up that far” if you know what I mean. Only he can get away with that:) There is more I can say, but I will leave it alone for right now. Ladies and gentlemen, I would love to present to you my very “favorite artist… Stevie Wonder.”

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