Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“What makes a song a hit?”)

Most people love music. The industry tries its best to promote music to people they hope will buy it. Marketing execs often utilize a “plan” to market music, but there is no clear cut formula for success. What is it about music that makes people like it or hate it? I have found that there are different types of music listeners. Some just like “the beats” of songs. This is usually the case in dance oriented types of music. Some are motivated by the lyrics. They listen to what the vocalist is singing (or rapping) and that is the attraction. Others will consider how the song “relates” to them “individually.” For instance, if there was a song that was out when you fell in love with someone, then that song could have some type of “sentimental value” to you. While this can work in favor for a song it could also have adverse effects. If you experienced a bad breakup then a certain song might remind you of it, thus making you “hate” the song. this concept is reflected (if you check out the lyrics) in an old Four Tops hit entitled “It’s the same old song (but with a different meaning since you been gone).” Some people can tie a song in with an era. For instance, if you were fond of the 1980’s then you just might like “disco music.” Nowadays most people try to sell music through the promotion of the artist. For instance, Beyonce broke records when  she first released her last recordings on Itunes. A LOT of people initially bought it, without “even hearing the product first.” That was excellent marketing strategy because her own promotion can sell her music. Some people are heavily influenced by seeing and hearing the artists perform this song “live.” If the performance was great, then that might inspire people to go purchase the song. There are a lot of ingredients that could go into a hit song, but the one concept that the industry is working is “promotion.” Many feel that if they can “push” a song out on the public that it will “force” the public to buy it. This has worked in a LOT of situations (but not all). When you hear on the radio that a song is rated number 1, does that mean that it is the number one selling song? No, it only means that this song is the number 1 “stocked song in record stores.” It could be heavily stocked, but it wont necessarily mean that it is “heavily bought.” You may have your own qualifications for what makes a hit to you. Everyone is different, and one specific formula will not work for everyone. However, the music you listen to can make a big different in your outlook, your business decisions and how you generally feel each day. You deserve to hear the music that makes you happy. I sincerely hope that you are “getting it.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today. As always I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Please have a great one.


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Paul Shafer (from the David Letterman late night band) and Brett Jolly in concert



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