Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“My experience with Angela Bofill”)

I remember it well, even though it happened many years ago. I had just finished playing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (which was 2 hours away from my  home) and made it home around 4:00 am. At 6:00 am I got a call saying that the legendary Latina Jazz vocalist Angela Bofill needed me to play bass for her during an afternoon gig in Atlantic City. I was tired and wanted to go back to sleep, but I had never played for Angela before and realized that this was a great opportunity. So I collected up all my cobwebs and journeyed down to Atlantic City. I had heard her music played on the radio before, so I already had  familiarity with a lot of her songs. Once I got there I had to immediately go up to her hotel room. There I saw this tall beautiful lady who wore a “TON” of makeup (and from what I saw, she didn’t need any of it… I thought she looked great naturally). She explained that she and the rest of the band had to go on in a short amount of time and that there was “no time whatsoever” for rehearsal. I live for these type of moments. I asked her if she had a tape of her show, and she played it for me in her hotel room, explaining certain points as we went along. When it comes to music, I have somewhat of a “photographic memory.” In most instances, I can listen to a song just “once” and be ready to play it “immediately afterwards without any practice.” This time I had to memorize an “entire set.” Needless to say, even though i was still fatigued I was up to this task. I listened, I learned and i told her simply, “I got this.., Let’s  hit it!” She smiled and we did the show, and the show was a “hit.” It was a great experience for me and there were other stars on the show as well (Roy Ayers and Miles Jaye). Unfortunately, things were so chaotic when trying to put this together that i couldn’t get anyone to take any pictures for me. That was a really great day for me, but for those of you who know of Angela and her music, she suffered 2 strokes not long after that show. The strokes left her with broken speech and now she can no longer sing. Through the love of God she is “still” able to perform her shows but with guest singers performing  her music while she is there onstage. If you would like to know more information just check out this article about her: For those of you who have never heard her music I invite you to Google her name and check it out. She was an extremely gifted jazz vocalist and it was my honor to perform with her onstage and share my experience with you today. I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brett Jolly, On air personality Patty Jackson from WDAS, and Norman Connors

Norman Connors

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