Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Yet another milestone for me… My birthday”)

Yesterday,  March 1, was my birthday. It is a blessing to make it to any birthday you can, and for me yesterday was a good day. I was actually extremely tired because the day before I had a late night gig with this old group called the Elgins (“Their hit tunes were “Heaven in your arms” and “Darling Baby”). I got in late and then had to wake up early to play in church on my birthday, and needless to say i felt a little tired (okay, maybe a LOT tired). I realize that some people will have specific expectations on their birthdays, but I have “never” been one of those. If I didn’t get anything I would still feel blessed just to make it to this level. I did get cards and some really nice gifts and I truly felt loved. I have never been one to want huge parties. I play at them so much at my gigs that I  have come to treasure moments of peace and serenity without blaring music. In fact, the main thing that makes me feel good about a day is when there is no drama and the day is peaceful. As long as I know that “nothing is wrong” then I am “very” content with that in my world. When I was “younger” I used to always go out and play basketball just to see if I “lost a step.” Well, now “ALL the steps are gone” and I don’t need to try to prove anything on my birthdays anymore. As long as you have loved ones and family then your birthdays should always feel special. As special as birthdays should be, they should never take away from the “other” days of your life. “Every” day should be considered your birthday (to some extent,) and most times you get out of life what you put into it. I will not go off on some wild tangent here or try to preach, but I am glad to be here, and I am glad to share with you today. Whatever this day holds for you, I hope it is a day where you feel loved and appreciated. Yesterday I most “surely” felt that, and these are the moments that make life “truly special.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer today.

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