Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Can a long lasting relationship survive without sex?”)

I had this talk with a friend of mine the other day. He kept on bragging about his sexual escapades with this one woman friend of his (as if I really needed to hear it), so then after a while I asked him one simple question. I asked, “If you could not have any sex with this woman, then what else would you brag about? Would you have any relationship at all with her? Would you even know anything else about her?” He just looked at me with a kind of complexed stare and after a small pause he uttered, “I just can’t imagine having a relationship with anyone without sex.” This brings me to today’s topic: “Is sex overrated when it comes to sustaining relationships?” Hey, we all have a need for it, but could we possibly get by “without” it? Men are very “visually stimulated” creatures. If something looks “tempting” then that tends to trigger stuff (at least in most men). However, once sex is over, what’s left? When a lot of couples get together it is often based on how “physically attracted” they are to each other. However, those physical traits are not guaranteed to last forever. Once those properties are gone, is the relationship “basically over?” For women, if a man doesn’t have the necessary tools to satisfy you in bed, how likely are you to want to stay with him without cheating at some point? For a man, if your woman let’s go of her figure and loses her appeal, how long will you be able to stay with her without wanting to see someone else? Normally a good looking man or woman will usually get our attention. If you are committed to someone, does that mean you “ignore” your human urges to look whenever that person crosses your path? I just thought this was an interesting point to mention today because this friend of mine was “going at it hard” about what he and this woman did together. My mind then started to wander and think about whether or not it is “even possible” to have a long lasting “sex-less” relationship. Could they even sleep together in the same bed without “feeling some sort of way?” I’m not sure if anyone has the answer to this (or if anyone wants to even try this experiment out for themselves to see if it can actually work). “We are what we are, and we do what we do.” As ridiculous as that may sound, it seems so appropriate when it comes to explaining our humanity. If sex is your main determinant for forming a relationship, then what “should” that say about you? Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer today. Please make the most of it.


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Robin Roberts and Brett Jolly

Robin Roberts and Brett Jolly


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