Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Winter photo shoot of Brittney and red bass guitar”)

This past month in Philadelphia the winter temperatures have been brutal. While we haven’t gotten anywhere near as much snow as we had last year, it has been cold beyond imagination. Brittney is a real “special” kind of model. If we schedule a shoot and there is a rain storm, snow storm or cold temperatures, she “never” wants to cancel. She is a true professional who “knows” how to make adverse situations work. This day was “very” cold (and this was probably one of the shortest photo shoots I have ever done) but she did an excellent job just trying to “look like she wasn’t freezing.” Yes, it did snow that day and it was on the ground but it was a great session. This weekend I present to you Brittney and her red bass guitar shots. Hope you enjoy and as always, i wish you the very best that life has to offer. Have a great weekend.

BB 1j BB 6j BB 12j BB 50j BB 56j BB 62j BB 78j


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