Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“My choice for best stage entrance EVER!”)

When it comes to an “incredible all around performance,” very few could match the energy, detail and intensity of Michael Jackson. He practically did “it all.” He sang, he danced, he had awesome stage presence, and he would make an audience virtually “exhausted” after watching his show. You could tell that he spent a lot of time in preparation for his shows, from the effects to just about everything else no matter how small. This particular video clip i am about to share with you has got to be (in my mind) the “greatest stage entrance EVER!” Even  though you cannot see the crowd, you can hear them going crazy just from the very first minute that he actually “enters” the stage. Once he finally gets into the song, the dance moves are just great. In this scene he adjusts his microphone a lot while dancing, but i think that may be for visual effect more than anything else. His microphone is definitely “on” for this song, but i do suspect that he is also singing along with his vocal sample track. If so he does a great job of faking it. I don’t think that is a bad thing, because how can anyone really sing this song so perfectly and move like that without literally passing out onstage? If I had to motivate any child to want to become a performer, THIS is the video that I would share with him or her. You may not be a Michael Jackson fan, but I don’t think “anyone” could argue with this particular performance here. I never got the opportunity to perform with Michael onstage (even though I always believed that one day I would). It would have been an  honor to do so, but now that is one dream that will never become reality. A show is only as good as it’s “impact.” Needless to say, Michael Jackson deserved his title as the “King of Pop.” This video only “confirms that fact.” He is missed, but with videos like this his  memory should live on “forever.” I invite you to check this out and see how it “should” be done… Thank you, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer today.


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