Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“My own opinion of the Grammy Awards last night”)

Okay,so I did manage to check out the Grammy Awards last night. For a while i had kind of “signed off” on this event mainly because of the talent (or lack of it )in the music industry. This time I wanted to see how they could “reinvent themselves” to make the show more interesting. They paired unlikely matches together, and while it may not have been great there were some decent moments. I am not sure that I understand the paring of Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney. While that was the “absolute best” that I have ever heard Rihanna sound, there are still some things that needed to be cleared  up. First, Paul McCartney’s microphone didn’t appear to be working at all, and yet the harmonies were “flawlessly perfect.” “Usually” when things sound “that” good it is because the backgrounds are “sampled.” In other words, “taped.” Also, I could not figure out why the best singer onstage was relegated to “background singer status.” Paul did not have a lead part, but yet Rihanna and Kanye (who actually sang due to some auto tune mechanisms to help keep his vocals in key) led the meat of the song. I was happy for Sam Smith, even though to hear his song depresses me sometimes. i realize that it was written out of heartbreak (and Sam even managed to thank the man that broke his heart, thus enabling him to win those awards) but nevertheless Sam deserved to win for that song. The matchup of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga was interesting, and I liked  how they pulled it together. I don’t think they had much rehearsal for it, but Gaga is actually a very good singer who can fit in Bennet’s style and “make” it work. The other good thing about this pairing is that Gaga had to “dress appropriately” for this segment and abandon her wild side to fit in with Tony. The same could have been said for Rihanna, who seemed “more conservative” than I am used to seeing her. Pharell’s performance seemed to be one that was more of a “convenience” for him. He didn’t do much of the “Happy” song, and in the beginning his parts were being sung by the choir (he actually spoke the lyrics when he started out… Who wanted to hear him speak the words?). Then when it finally came to the “meat” of the song, he sang his vocals along with the track so that the audience couldn’t tell if it was him or if it was memorex. It was “great” to see Prince with his afro self, but it just didn’t feel right to see him walk out there with a cain. i had heard that he had hip surgery a while ago, but I thought he would have fully recovered by now. I love Jennifer Hudson. She is an awesome singer who is pretty. i just hope that the next time she appears on a show like this that she wears  an outfit that fits better. Even though she obviously lost weight she wasn’t “completely” there yet, especially  from the waist down. That color of the outfit only brought out more of her size and maybe next time she won’t wear something that fits so tight. She looked uncomfortable. Also, was it me, or did Beyonce look like she was going through the same “hugeness” when it came to her hips? I kept looking and her waistline seemed perfect, but once it got below the belt she looked like she gained some”major” weight in her legs and hips. I remember opening up a few years ago for her, and as fit as she was, her thighs seemed to be a little big back then. Maybe this time it was just the outfit. I sincerely hope so. I thought it was a great change of pace to have her sing a Gospel tune. Her rendition seemed a little more different than the ones I was used to hearing. All in all, the awards were not bad, but they were not great either. As tired as I was, it was tough staying awake for it, but my curiosity helped me get through it. By the way, in case you wanted to know what was the best part of that show in my opinion, I thought it was Usher covering Stevie Wonder’s classic “If it’s magic.” While he “almost” veered off key in one of the lines he still managed to “land safely” in tune. It was well done even though there appeared to be some timing issues between him and the harpist. For the record, I am not trying to downplay or even complain about the awards show. It was not bad at all. I guess I just had higher expectations. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the show if you got to watch it, and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer today. Please make the most of it.


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