Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“All the hype about the Superbowl”)

Obviously one of the biggest sports events of the year (if not “the” biggest) is the “Superbowl.” It is the championship football game to determine the final professional winner. Every team plays during the season to make it to this level and the money that it generates is phenomenal. Yesterday, the game featured the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Seattle was last year’s Superbowl champion and looking for a “rare” chance to repeat that feat. For those of you who don’t know the final results, Seattle played a great game but still barely managed to lose to New England. Why is the Superbowl such a hyped up event? Well, for one thing, the unpredictability of the outcomes is a major factor. When you think about it, “rarely” does the team with the best record in football (during the regular season) “win it all.” In fact, most times the game is usually won by a team who just “happened to be hot towards the end of the season” and not even favored to win it all. Most betting lines favored the Seahawks in this one. New England had a scandal about “deflated footballs” from the last playoff game. It had also been said that their quarterback Tom Brady was “ill” just a few days ago. All of this “other distraction” stuff didn’t mean a thing when both teams got onto the playing field yesterday. It was a very well played game that could have easily gone in the other teams favor, but the bottom line is that the Patriots are this year’s Superbowl Champions. The halftime feature with Katy Perry was a good one (even though I don’t believe she put on a better performance than Bruno Mars). Of course, I view the music side differently. Instead of enjoying the show (like I really should), I looked to see if the artist was singing live or to a tape. Katy Perry did a little bit of “both.” Missy Elliot was good too, even though to me it appeared as though the lighting for her and her crew was rather dark, and the lip syncing was a lot more obvious. All in all, the game was a good one, and I believe it “lived up to the hype.” Congratulations to the New England Patriots for being the Superbowl Champions, and I hope that all who watched it enjoyed the game. As always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer today. Please make the most of it.
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