Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A victory for Sly Stone, hopefully a victory for music”)

This us a story that actually warmed my heart. As most of you probably know. I am a professional musician who has been a “strong advocate” for “change” in the music industry. For “generations” artists who made famous recordings have been gypped of money that they should have received. Well, just recently I read this story involving Sly Stone (from Sly and the Family Stone). If you like you can check out the article by either clicking on or copying and pasting into your browser the link below:

Sly, who is now 71 years of age, won his suit against the people who ripped him off for his royalties. His ex manager and production company were the ones ordered to pay him $5 million dollars that they stole from  him. For those of you who don’t know, Sly wrote some “major” hits back in the day, including classics like “Everyday people, Thankyoufalllettnmebemiceelf again, Dance to the Music, If you want me to stay, I want to take you Higher” and many, many more. A LOT of major recording artists got “chumped” for their money, and many of them even died “broke.” Some, like Billy Paul (“Me and Mrs. Jones”) sued for his money and actually won the case. Hopefully, this decision for Sly might open the door for “others” to follow suit. The entertainment industry is “not” an “angelic one,” and often when artists create great work they are exchanging their talents for “fame” and not necessarily “fortune.” The legendary group The Beatles never owned the rights to their own music. How sad is that? Even  though Sly won this battle by “no means” does it signify that he won the war. It is one thing to win the money. It is another to make sure that the people who took it from him still even “have” it. Over the years I’m sure these people spent a “lot” of that money that was earned and while Sly  may  have a judgment, it doesn’t mean that he can collect anything, especially if the money is no longer there. However, you have to start wherever you can, and this should be a “good first step” for Sly. He had issues with drug usage during his career and he has been broke for the past several years. There are other stories out there just like Sly’s. Maybe with this court decision there is hope for them as well. Congratulations, Sylvester Stewart (Sly’s real name) and I hope that you have “finally” received vindication for the wrongs that have been committed against you. As for everyone checking out my Daily Thought today, I thank you for the bottom of my heart, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Berry Gordy, Kool and the Gang, comedian Chris Tucker and Brett Jolly in concert

Berry Gorday, Kool and Brett


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    Wow! Thanks for sharing.

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