Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The Day After”)

“The day after’.. I woke up this morning to assess the damage that was “predicted” for my area from the predicted snow storm. I was expecting to “barely” see the top of my car and I was imagining that my front door to my house would have problems opening due to the tall order of snow. Lo and behold, in some areas I could actually see huge patches of the street. The roads looked “very” passable, and at this moment I realized that we “avoided” a major storm. Even though it is “still” snowing outside, at the present time it looks as though we escaped this one. I walked my dog up the street and had absolutely “no problems” doing so. This kind of thing has happened in Philadelphia before on several occasions. The weather forecasters would “prepare us” for a “massive” system only to find out later that we either got just a “coating” or hardly anything at all. I have heard that other areas north of us got a couple feet of snow, and I wish the very best for them in trying to deal with it. I have experienced large snowfalls several times in my life, so I am no stranger to it by any means. It just feels good to know that  at least on “this” day we were spared. This also lets me know that when it comes to forecasting the weather, there is only “one true” meteorologist, and I think we “all” know who that is. Schools are closed, and probably a lot of other places as well. I guess for today I will be closed as well. I just wanted to share my experience with you today, so I hope you don’t mind. As always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer, and please stay safe.


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Singer/actor Tyrese Gibson and Brett Jolly

Tyrese and Brett 1


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