Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“View on Obama and State of the Union Address”)

The past few days I have been under the weather. I was not feeling great and I actually had to take a break from my schedule just to rest and relax for a change. I slept more than I ever have and went to bed early (and often woke up early). I totally missed President Barack Obama’s “State of the Union Address” yesterday but I managed to check it out in it’s entirety this morning online. I usually don’t like to write on political subjects, because people will start to think that I am just too “one dimensional” in my views and not even willing to consider the “other side of the coin.”  My response to that is, “Aren’t we all?” Yes, I have believed in President Barack Obama, but probably not for the reasons you would suspect. First, “no one” is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Obama’s presidency hasn’t been perfect, but then again what President “has” actually had a perfect tenure? The things that I like about Obama are the facts that he “sticks” to what he “believes” is right. He could easily fold in the cards and just concede to those Republicans whose “only purpose is to thwart him at every opportunity.” Obama has said “repeatedly” that he will “gladly work with Congress” to improve on the quality of life here in the United States. The real question here is “How many Republicans can separate themselves from party unity to actually “try” to work with the President?” If we could find one then I would “gladly” consider supporting him or her during the next election time, “no matter what the party affiliation.” Freedom of speech, the economy, immigration reform, and health care coverage are all things that should have been addressed long before Obama even took office, but never were. Now that he has tackled the situation then all of a sudden it became a “major concern” to  those now rallying against it. Please don’t get me wrong. This is “not” just a straight “Democratic” point of view. I would gladly respect “any” Republican that would sever from his or her party unity to address the actual needs of the American people over the wishes of the party. To date, the only one I can think of who actually has my respect in that regard is Governor Christie (also John McCain, even though we know he won’t be running). The speech that Obama gave last night was “very much on point,” even though we all know that it will do “little” to change the mindsets of those who just want to oppose him at every angle. I, personally, am tired of the political fighting that goes on between both parties, and would “love” to see them work “with” each other instead of “against” each other. What would it take to make that happen? Probably nothing less that a “miracle” for as long as Obama is in office. Yet the President “sticks to his guns” and looks out for the American people. THAT is more than good enough for me. When Mitt Romney challenged him for the second term in office, I couldn’t help but think that a vote for Romney would have been a vote to “go to war.”  He seemed headstrong on  his concept of building up the military. What reason would anyone have to build up the military other than to go to war? As Obama said, it is always advantageous to “fight smarter.” That concept goes well with me. I realize that a  lot of people reading this Daily Thought will probably disagree with what I have written, and to that I say that I still value your opinion. We already know how Fox news feels about it. Right now the state of the economy is the “best it has been in years” and I honestly believe that President Obama has a “LOT” to do with that. That  may not sit well with some but I fully respect your right to disagree. When Obama’s Presidency is over I have no idea how history will view him as a President. To me,  it isn’t about the deed, but rather the “intent behind the deed.” In that regard, I give President Barack Obama the highest grade… Hopefully, if he is written down in history as a great President, then maybe others will actually try to “emulate his formula for success.” Now wouldn’t THAT be amazing? Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, no matter  what your political views are. As always,  I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Please make the most of it…
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