Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A life of turmoil, and a second chance”)

Yesterday I went to see my barber (Don’t laugh, I still go to one, okay?). I have known my barber guy for many years, or at least I “thought” I did until he revealed something to me that  was extremely personal and difficult for him. He told me that back in 1995 he was driving 2 of his friends around in his car. They were just riding around as young guys do from time to time. Well, this particular time he decided to pass a vehicle in front of  him so he drove into the other lane of imposing traffic. He collided head on with another oncoming car, and managed to kill the two people in that vehicle. He also managed to kill one of  his friends riding in his car. He nearly had his leg amputated from the accident and to this day he has moments of pain as a result. However, he confided in me that the physical pain is “absolutely nothing” compared to the “psychological anguish” he endures frequently. He admits that he was wrong, and he  showed me the newspaper article that mentioned the names of the victims and himself. He was in a coma for two months and his life has never been the same ever since. When it came time for him to face a judge in court, he just dropped down to his knees in the courtroom and cried. He didn’t cry for himself, but rather for the families of those he killed… He told me the story as he kept wiping tears from his eyes, and I began to realize that this was not the same man that I have joked with so much with over the past years. Today he was someone much different… When someone admits a shocking revelation like that, it is not easy to figure out what to say. He told me that the image of it all will never leave his mind and he will forever be haunted by it. I simply told him that he can’t change the past no matter how much he looks over his shoulder at it. I told him that everyone makes mistakes, and some can be more costly than others. I told him that the true measure of life is not derived from where he came, but rather from where he is headed… I asked him how he managed to be here cutting hair. He should have gotten a mandatory 10 years for each life he took. He just said that the judge took mercy on him and only sent him away for 6 and a half months. After he finally got out, he found out that his woman had cheated on him while he was incarcerated. He lost it again with her and found himself back in prison for even more time. Finally, he got out, and he met up with a woman who wanted to know his story. He didn’t lie to her at all. He poured out his heart to her and told her the whole negative truth about what happened. He never thought for an instant that being truthful to her was important. She actually  grew to love him because of that and they eventually married. He told me that he should have died in that accident and I simply said “What makes you think you didn’t die?” I told him to imagine that he had perished and went to meet his maker. I then told him to imagine that he asked God for another chance to make something good out of the rest of his life. Well, if God granted him that wish, then the day he awoke from that coma was “that day.” I told him that he should never try to suppress the memory of what happened. We are “ALL” products of our environment, upbringing and past. The good things along with the bad things we experienced make us who we are today. If anything, I told him to take that painful memory and channel that energy into “giving back” to other peoples lives. He will never be able to fully  atone for what he caused, but that should not be his purpose. There are others who can benefit from  his story and how his life has changed since that fateful day. He touched me deeply with what he said, and I told him that one mistake doesn’t make him a bad man… It only makes him human… I let him know that he is “here for a reason.” It is up to him to fulfill that reason… I hope I didn’t depress anyone with my Daily Thought today, but I felt that Mark Brody’s story should be told… The worst that could happen is that “no one” cares… but it needed to be told anyway… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer…


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