Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Happy New Year, everyone”)

If you are able to read this today, then I would I would like to “officially welcome you to a New Year.” What exactly is the difference between this new year and last year? Well, that solely depends on you. If you live your life the same way with the same attitude then chances are “nothing much” will change this time. However, if you take a moment to reflect on some of the things you could have changed just by approaching the matters in a different way then you might be able to make a bigger difference this year. This past New Year’s eve I celebrated the way I normally do… “playing music.” I actually had two (2) gigs on that day and a LOT of pressure on me to fulfill them both. The first gig was a relatively easy one. I had to play for an hour and a half at a church for a special function. Right after that I had to head to my next gig where there was a much bigger crowd awaiting me and  higher expectations. The one thing that people need to know about me is that I always save “my greatest efforts” for the “biggest gigs.” I don’t believe in “going out like a wimp.” It is tough for any band to compete with a DJ, because the music they play doesn’t involve any setup or mixing of instruments because most of the music is just played from an already mastered track. Bands have to depend on a lot more, so we have to try harder. The first thing I did was address the audience and I let them know that we were here to party. We went into  the music hard and as the lead singer I hit it with “everything I had.” Thankfully our set went great and the people loved us. It was a lot of responsibility on our part to get it done, but we did in fact accomplish that. I was so exhausted that I think I slept most of the day (and night) yesterday. Since my introduction to the New Year got off to such a great start I aim to keep the karma going. I have other issues to contend with in the New Year, one of them being things that involve my church. I realize that in time, “everything must change” and just because you have been a part of something for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean that you will “continue” to be a part of it. I believe in communicating to all parties and then coming up with a solution that is best for all. I am  not cocky at all (and I mean that) but I have way too much faith in my skills to accept anything less than what I feel I deserve.  You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less either. In this New Year, I hope you are “strong” in your “beliefs, faith, and your convictions.”Everyone” can tell you what to do, but  no one can tell you how to be happy doing it… While it is great to listen to what others have to say, in the end it is what “you” decide that will have the greatest value. This is a new year, and you are blessed to have made it this far. Now it is time for you to find a way to make “your own” blessings. I wish you luck, and in this new year I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Happy New Year, everyone…


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