Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Is there any real significance to dreams?”)

Last night I had a “really” weird dream, and for some reason, it woke me up in the middle of the night. In this particular dream, George H. Bush (George Bush Sr. and former President of the United States) was actually over my house visiting my family. He was very friendly and hospitable, but as the evening progressed I asked him if I could get a picture with him. He consented, but every time I tried to get a picture snapped the camera would malfunction or there wasn’t enough light to get a good shot. After a few attempts in this dream he kept saying that his health was going bad and he needed to leave. I was trying desperately to get his picture but he was not feeling well at all and then he finally left the house and walked home. Some people say that most dreams have meanings behind them, but I  have absolutely no idea why I would even have a dream like this and what significance should it have?  I don’t dream often, but several times in my dreams I am often being chased be people I believe are out to harm me and I run relentlessly through everyplace I can. Now in these particular dreams if I have a “lot” of room and time then I can actually flap my arms and fly away. In each dream it feels like I am partway flying and swimming to get air born. The problem in this dream is that I never dare to go really high in the air because at any point in the sky I can lose my focus and come plummeting back down to Earth. I have no idea what that dream means as well.  The funniest dream I ever had was one where I dreamed I was actually “hanging from a cliff” for dear life. To me it seemed so real, and I guess there was a good reason for it. At one point in the dream I could hold on no longer and I started falling. I remember a long drop and an extremely fast fall. At the point where I was about to make impact I woke up to find out that I had actually “fallen out of bed.” Now this particular dream that I had last night did not feel like a nightmare, but for some reason I did wake up in the middle of the night. I have a long gig tonight, so hopefully I will find a way to make up for the loss of sleep. One of these days I hope someone can educate me on dreams and how and why they come to be. Maybe I will Google it to see if I can find out some information on my own. Either way, I am glad that those dreams were only dreams  and hopefully I can get back on with my everyday living. If anyone can explain what my dream meant, I would love to hear from you. Until then, I will do my best to keep living the best life that I can. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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