Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A new day… and yet another chance at life”)

As we approach this time of year when a new  season should bring about a  more festive atmosphere, I am reminded that there is a “lot” still wrong with this world. I believe  that since no one person is perfect that we will never fully achieve that concept  of a “perfect world,” but should that stop us from at least trying to reach that euphoria of perfection? Yesterday I sounded off on an incident where a police officer shot an unarmed man in Ferguson, Mo. As much as I felt disheartened by the end results I needed to grapple with the thought that “today is still a new day,” and every day we wake up it is “yet another chance at life” for us. The past can be “downright ugly” every time we continue to stare over  our shoulders at it, and no matter how many times we stare at it that scene “never changes.” I am a “huge” proponent for “peace” and as this holiday season approaches my greatest wish to all is that we keep “peace” at the forefront of all we do (along with God for those who believe). I do realize that there is a big difference between “peace” and “ignorance.” While physical retaliation  should not always be considered our “only resolve” we need to realize that to “ignore” those demons of the world who  wish us harm may not always keep us safe either. A strong foe doesn’t need to always be just “physically” able. Through logic and rationalism we might be able to accomplish things that war could never fix. There are many out there that would wish us harm even though they may never have met us or even taken the time to “get to know us.” These people champion their own causes and utilize what they believe in to inflict harm upon others. If possible, it might be beneficial to “reach out to them” and at least “hear them” on what they feel and why they feel it. Stress, frustration, ignorance, depression and anger are all human traits that we all experience at points in our lives. If we could take more time to “understand each other” as opposed to “fight each other” we  might be surprised at what we can accomplish. A very famous classic song by a now deceased artist exhibited the lyrics “War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate.” Do you know the song? If you don’t, then you need to, because as old as that song is, the message in it is still “extremely applicable” today. Let it be known that I consider myself “blessed” to be “alive” today, and if there is going to be peace on this Earth, I am more than willing to “let it begin with me…” That’s all  I have for this morning, and I sincerely hope that it is more than enough for anyone reading this. As always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer, and please enjoy your day to the fullest.
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