Brett Jolly”s Daily Thought (“An ever changing world”)

This past weekend I  had to play for a wedding. This is normally nothing unusual because I have played for many weddings throughout my musical career. The main difference in this particular wedding was that the two parties united in matrimony were “both” men. Same sex marriages have never bothered me whenever I played for them, but one of the other musicians in the band said that he “just couldn’t understand this.” He was glad to perform and get paid for his musical services (and he was respectful during the service) but he still couldn’t feel comfortable with two guys marrying and sealing it with a kiss. I just told him that the world is changing and we either need to “change with it” or stay “lost in the past.” At the ceremony there were families with little kids there to also witness the men kissing. As for the musician who stated his concerns to me, I simply responded by saying there were “LOTS” of things in this world that I could not understand. I told him that I just couldn’t understand why we all need each other to survive and yet we are the ones who are killing each other off. I told him that I could not understand why people exhibit so much racial hatred when the truth of the matter is that we “all” are the “same” color on the inside. I told him I could not understand why the great singers of yesterday sang live while the great singers of today lip sync through their performances. I also told  him that I could not understand why two political parties (Democrats and Republicans) “say” that they are devoted to serving the people but yet spend so much energy “fighting” each other instead of trying to actually “work together to make good things happen.” I also couldn’t understand why the speed limit is 75 and yet the car manufacturers keep making these cars that do “120.” I informed this musician that years ago some “Whites” couldn’t understand why Blacks should have “equality” in anything. In fact, it took a lot to finally get them to see that we belonged just like everyone else. I guess that should be the “same message” for those gay people who only want to live  life happily in matrimony.  Some people may never be able to feel comfortable with that. It is “not” about your “comfort.” I am hoping that one day if we all can come to accept gays, then maybe we can accept different minorities, different cultures and customs, and above all, different “views  on life.” “People make the world go round.” The definition of  normal is changing, and I only hope that we can continue to grow with it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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