Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“What SHOULD we believe about Bill Cosby?”)

I am somewhat puzzled about all this negative news regarding Bill Cosby. Once labeled “America’s Dad” he now faces “public scrutiny over alleged incidents of rape and assault.” It has been reported that about 15 women have  now come forward to make charges against him, some stemming from 30 years ago. I believe most of them are stating the same circumstances. They say that Cosby lured them to his home in hopes of mentoring them but would instead drug them and then grope or assault them while they were unconscious. The question here is who “should” we believe? Through his spokesman Cosby has said that he has  no intentions of dignifying these charges, and even though that sounds shaky, he has “every legal right” to say that. When as many as 15 “different” women come out to make these charges that is a “significant” number and very difficult to ignore. I can’t refute their claims no more than I can substantiate them. I can, however, say that if in fact these charges were true then “why” did it take “so many years” for them to “resurface?” If Cosby had indeed raped these women then it should “already” have been proven in court and he should have been in jail by “now.” The issue here is that Cosby as well as “anyone else” brought up on charges should be assumed “innocent until PROVEN guilty” in the eyes of the court. “Anyone” can make an accusation, but not everyone can prove it. If these women were so sure of what happened then why didn’t they go to the hospital immediately afterwards for a test to determine if any drugs were indeed in their systems? Please keep in mind that I am “NOT” defending Cosby at all, but rather raising what I believe to be interesting questions. The longer it takes to bring out a charge of rape the lighter the weight of the charges  you make. To wait until someone else brings up charges and “THEN” jump on the bandwagon only makes it appear to some extent as though these women “might” be “opportunists.” Cosby is “very” famous with a LOT of money. That could be “considered significant incentive” for joining in with everyone else years later after hearing about everyone else coming out. While the women I heard “sounded credible” it is “still” about what can be proven, and if there is “not enough” evidence then I just don’t think that anyone should be convicted on just “accusation alone.” That being said, I can’t support scrutinizing Cosby “yet” until something more substantial comes out to prove these the accusations of these women. The ones I heard “definitely sound believable” but unfortunately it will take a “LOT” more than how they sound to win a conviction. I have met Mr. Cosby personally and to me he “appeared” to be a funny man who seemed every bit as wholesome and righteous as his image portrayed him to be. That doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have some “evil demon” spirit inside him somewhere. “NO ONE” is perfect, but if you (or anyone) is going to make a charge against someone of “any” kind, it is at least advisable to not “wait too long before making it” and also make sure that  you have enough evidence to support “making it.” My only wish here is that the “truth come out.” Thank you for reading my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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