Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“An evening with Bon Jovi… the Follow Up”)

“An evening with Bon Jovi… the Follow Up…” Last night was a great night for music in Philadelphia, and it was my honor to be a part of it. The Kimmel Center is one of the best performance venues for acoustics around, so the sound came through great. We were there ahead of time for sound check, and going over the songs for Grammy award winning artist Estelle. When she came in, she had on shades, a hat and very warm attire (because it was awfully cold in Philly last night). She didn’t smile at first. She came onstage and almost acted as though we weren’t there. Then after we played her song “American Boy” and she sang to it, a great big “smile” came over her face. She warmed up immediately after that, and told us how much she loved the band. We would not see Bon Jovi until later on that night, but the great atmosphere had already been established. The main event was when we had to play “Living on a Prayer,” one of the top songs that Bon Jovi had recorded. The song was received really well that night (even though  Bon  Jovi didn’t sing it, Estelle did). After the show was over, Jovi was backstage with a boatload of photographers  and people looking to interview him. As I walked up to the crowd he “immediately” pointed to me, stopped talking to them and came over with his hand raised for a high handshake and a huge smile on his face. He said “I just had to tell   you that you were  amazing tonight. I loved what you did. I thanked  him while all the photographers took pictures. Then my brother Bill Jolly and I took pictures with him, and as soon as I can find the people who took those pictures I hope to post them. Bon Jovi then confided to me that his vocal range was not what it used to be. He said that he could hit those high notes in his song years back but it is not the same now. I told him that time does that to all singers but his legacy will always remain untainted. He smiled and let out a silent “Thank you” and then we took even “more” pictures together. It was an awesome atmosphere for music, and even though I have experienced “many” gigs just like this it still warmed my heart to be a part of this magical event. Stay tuned for the pictures (If I can ever find the people who took them). I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always, I wish the very best that life has to offer you today.


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Grammy Award winning Artist Estelle (in background with hat and shades) and Brett Jolly at soundcheck

estelle 9j

2 thoughts on “Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“An evening with Bon Jovi… the Follow Up”)

  1. femalewantstoknow says:

    Thanks for sharing. So proud of you!

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