Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Separated parents and their responsibilities to their kids”)

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with someone about kids and their parents. When it comes to separated (or divorced) parents and their children, there “should” be  a need to keep the comunication strong whenever possible. It should not be about blame or fault, it should not be about the past, but it “should” be about the child and his or her needs. Sometimes it is difficult for people who have been in a failed relationship to stop thinking about things “personally.” They will revert back to the issues they once had while together and then that hurt sometimes stops them from communicating like they should. As we all grow, we all change, and no matter  how nasty a separation was we need to remember that the child had “nothing” to do with it. No matter how much you look over your shoulder at the past, that scene “never” changes. However, if you keep your eyes focused ahead of you then you can do a better job of preparing for your (and your child’s) future. Children are expensive, and unless they have millionaire parents, chances are strong that those kids will not get all that they need when they need it. That is why I think it is extremely important for parents (yes, even separated parents) to “work together” for the sake and welfare of the child. If doesn’t mean that anything will improve financially. “When you’re broke, you’re broke.” However, when working together you just might be able to find “another way” to make something happen. When a child is older and attending college then there is even “more” of a need for parents to at least stay in contact. If something goes astray it “DOESN’T” mean that one or both are “bad parents” and that is real important to say. It does, however, mean that both parents need to be informed and knowledgeable of circumstances so that one hand can hopefully buffer the other when needed. If you are a product of a broken relationship or marriage that produced children, then I hope you can set aside “any and all” differences for the sake of the child who needs the both of you. If all you can do is talk about failed past results then you are not helping. It is only about what you can do “here and now” and that is ALL that matters. Each day is a new one, and whatever you went through yesterday doesn’t necessarily have to be the forefront issue for today. Your child is depending on  you. If you need to work together as parents, then by all means “find a way.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always, I wish the very best to you that life has to offer.


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GC Cameron (He sang lead on “It’s a shame” by the Spinners and “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday”) and Brett Jolly rehearsing at PIR studios