Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Change”)

“Change…” This past weekend one of my father’s dearest friends passed away. His  name was Marty Stark and he lived in Detroit and was a millionaire friend to my father for a long time. He was Jewish so the family buried him the very next day (so even if Pop wanted to see him, that would have been impossible to do). While it was tough for Pop, it brought about a lot of reflection for me as well. I began thinking about how as a little boy I would race my father up the street, only for him to beat me “each and every time.” It seems like since then I only “blinked once” and  now he is 83 years old and not capable of running anywhere. I felt really bad for him because a “lot” of his friends have already left this realm and the world he once knew is slowly deteriorating away from him. The sad part is that the same can be said for “all of us.” “Change is eminent and inevitable…” As long as we live, we grow and change, and our experiences change “with us.” Pop has had a “great” life… He was actually good friends with Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, Coretta and Martin Luther King. We actually have pictures with Pop with past presidents like Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and he even has a picture with Hillary Clinton. Now those associations and images only serve to promote the things that “once were.” For him, life has pretty much come full circle, and I think he is starting to realize that with the death of his good friend. We “all” have a date with destiny, and while the journey up the mountain can seem so promising at times we have to remember our descent is also forthcoming. I have had a great life so far as well, but thinking about my father’s situation helps me to realize that there is “still a lot more” that I can do (while I can still do it). As long as you can think, move, act and rationalize clearly, then life is not over by any means. I am extremely thankful to still have my father, because there were times when we surely “almost lost him.” I also realize that “you can’t stop change.” At some point reality will slap me hard with that fact. Until that point comes, I want to make life as comfortable and pleasant for my father as I can. To me he has earned the right to be looked after just like he looked after me growing up. I  may not be able to stop “change” but I can at least do my best to make it more bearable for him (and for me and others). I hope that if you are reading my Daily Thought that you are coming to grips with “change” as well. It doesn’t “have” to overwhelm you, and if you are creative enough you just might be able to make it work “for” you. Isn’t that what life should be about? “Make the most of you…” Be what you dream, and work your circumstances, instead of allowing your circumstances to “work you.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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The late legendary singer Gerald Levert and Brett Jolly in concert