Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought ( “90-year-old man is arrested for feeding homeless”)

I recently read a story of a 90 year old man who cares enough to feed the homeless. At first thought, this appeared to be a very noble and kind gesture, but yet Arnold Abott is “violating the law” that “prohibits feeding the homeless” at this particular location.  Here is the link to the article if you would like to check it out:

Mr. Abott is making national news for his cause and the more he “gets arrested” the more  his popularity “soars.” Should he be arrested? First off, we all must admit that the “law is the law.” Laws don’t have to make sense in order to be enforced. Maybe officials don’t want the homeless to congregate at this particular location and “that” could be the reason why they prohibit feeding them there. Places that are often considered high profile attractions for tourists will enact those kinds of laws to preserve the image of the location. If that is the case, then what can be done in regards to this situation? Mr. Abott is 90 years old, and arresting him continually will only bring a lot of negativity to law enforcement and public officials who support his incarceration. It seems to me that if feeding the homeless at this location is the main issue, then why not set up “another area close by” where Mr. Abott can carry out his kind and sincere activities? Right now the publicity is doing more good for Mr. Abott while severely deteriorating the image of those who “enforce” the laws against him. While arresting him will “win the battle” the city will end up “losing the war” in the process of gaining favorable publicity. If I were a public official there, I would embrace Mr. Abott and honor him for his kind heart, and THEN give him his own special “spot” where he can do his good deeds. If they continue arresting him then this is a public relations battle that they just “cannot” win. As long as he keeps getting the attention he is being given then this man will only “continue” to break the law in order to aid the homeless. I “strongly” suggest that law officials find a way to “work with him” instead of “work against him.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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