Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Woman abducted in Philadelphia found and rescued safe”)

Recently here in Philadelphia we had a very traumatic event take place. A young lady by the name of Carlesha Freeland-Gaithers was “abducted” off the street and held captive for a few days before being rescued  yesterday. Her family put out “frantic messages” on television media for her safe return. If you have not heard about the story yet, here is the link for you to check out the details:

There have been other abductions in different parts of the world, and I was glad to see the amount of promotion and publicity that was utilized to find this woman. You see, some times we tend to place “different values” on “different lives” and make our “own determination” as to “how much attention” we should give to certain cases (and certain people) like this. There are “still” many “unsolved” cases out there that hardly enough people know about. When someone  kills a police officer in Philadelphia and is on the lamb you can rest assured that APB’s will be put out “all over the country” in order to find and apprehend this individual. I am not trying to take anything away from that at all, but I do wish we could give the same time, consideration and effort for “all other victims” who are not in the same line of duty. Needless to say, the attention “was” given in “this’ particular case and the end results were awesome. Now, is there anything that can be “learned” from this story? “Absolutely…” First, remember that this woman was walking alone at night. EVERY one who is going to do that needs to take a minute to “scour” your surroundings first. If you happen to see someone in  your area standing around seemingly “without a purpose” then you need to take note. Also, a woman needs to have a good line of defense for unsavory characters just in case. My friend who is a police officer told me that pepper spray or mace is “excellent” for those who do not wish to arm themselves with  a gun. It will disorient your attacker so badly that he will be greatly hampered in trying to carry out his objective. If by chance you “are” abducted it is always advisable to scream and be uncooperative. If your assailant thinks that you are crazy then he will realize that he won’t be able to rationalize with you. This particular woman “kicked out the back windows of his car” which, of course, made it easier to spot and identify it when found by police. Surveillance cameras are “everywhere” so the longer you struggle with your captor the more video can be used to help identify him. Of course, don’t do anything to jeopardize your life, but the more you can “distract him” the better your chances of causing him to “make a mistake.” This man drove her from Philadelphia all the way down to Maryland and Virginia, but when he used her MAC card he erred because your pictures are always taken at those machines and the information is recorded. His stupidity helped law officials pinpoint where he was and also helped to apprehend  him. This particular story had a good ending, but unfortunately ALL of them don’t necessarily end up the same way. If you are a woman traveling along at night, NEVER just get out of your car without first checking out the area. Those few seconds you take could make the biggest different in you becoming the “next victim” of abduction.  I know the area where she was abducted from and I only hope that now it will be more “lit.” Thank God for a happy ending, and as always, I wish the very best to you that life has to offer.


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