Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Someone said that ALL men cheat… Is that true?”)

An interesting topic for today: I had heard through a third party that someone actually made a rather “bold” statement, and that statement was “ALL men cheat.” Now the thing that proved to be the most intriguing about this particular statement is the fact that it was actually made “by a man.” While he has a right to his own opinion, does that mean that he should have the right to be considered “correct?” I am sure that there are others who feel this way (and I already know that there are some women out there who support this claim) but are these words being spoken from “personal” experience or just “generalization?” When I examine this statement, my “first” thought would be “Do you actually KNOW all men?” You see, in order to make that statement so inclusive then you would need to at least know the circumstances of all men AND all couples. Next you would have to know the “mentality” of all these men who are currently in relationships. That would seem like a very large and difficult task for anyone to take on. Next, what experience did he have to even “prompt” him to “come up” with this theory? Did he base this on the principle of others or just what HE has personally gone through? Finally, does what he just said reflect more on “others” or just “him?” You see, when you examine his statement carefully, that actually means that “HE” cheats in “his” relationships. After all, if he is indeed a man then  shouldn’t he include “himself” in his own category? I would also love to know his personal “definition” of cheating… Is he talking about physically or emotionally or just with passing thoughts? Anyone can see  another person and find that person attractive, but does that thought constitute cheating emotionally? If I had the opportunity to question this guy there is a “LOT” that I would have asked him. I like to get “in depth” with people who say things like that, and I am sorry that I didn’t have the opportunity to confront this man. For the record, sometimes our thoughts and theories say more about “us” than they do about “others.” While I will not be one to judge this man for what he feels, I can say that your words can work for you just as easily as they can work “against” you. The moral of this story is plain and simple: “Think about what you are going to say BEFORE  you actually say it.” If you don’t know then don’t “pretend” as though you do. As for those people out there who fully support his opinion, I only hope that you take the time to find a couple that will prove you wrong. There are good men out there, but until you get to the point where you can “recognize” them then you will continue to think the way you do. There is a big difference between viewing something with an “open mind” and viewing something with a “hole in your head.” For the sake of being fair to others, let’s try to opt for the former… and a lot “less” of the latter… Thank you for reading my Daily Thought, and as always, I wish the very best for you that life has to offer.


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