Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How the story of David and Goliath relates to us”)

Yesterday evening I had two gigs to play and the very first one was at my church. I have been playing at church for years now and during that time I have heard a LOT of different preaching sermons. I usually take a lot of them in stride because while the messages make sense it still takes a “lot” to actually “inspire or motivate me.” We had a guest preacher and he managed to speak about a relatively well known story entitled “David and Goliath.” For those of you who don’t know the story, David was someone quite normal with not much strength and Goliath was a towering giant of a man who seemed invincible. David was slated to combat Goliath with “very little” chance of winning against his much bigger foe. As the story went, David managed to create a “slingshot” that actually “felled” the massive giant, thus making David the “victor.” The guest pastor said that in life we “all” will encounter “Goliaths.” That doesn’t necessarily mean that we all will have to fight extremely huge people but it does mean that we will encounter some type of foe that will seem “invincible.” That foe could be “Traffic Court, The IRS, The Government, your cable company” or ANY big institution that is known for dominating “normal” people. The true measure of our lives is whether we “allow” these giants to “intimidate” us or whether we have the courage to face and fight them head on like David versus Goliath. The pastor made a lot of sense in saying that just because the opponent seems “invincible” doesn’t necessarily mean that “he, she, it, or they” can’t be beaten. For instance, if you don’t like the shows that are being shown on your television then you don’t have to wait for them to “offer” better programming. You can formulate your “own” channel and if people love what you are offering then you can actually “compete” against those big conglomerates who “run” the industry. Yes, they are “huge” but if you take the chance to offer a “viable alternative” then you can “make a difference.” The same can be said for your radio station, the company you work for, or anything in life where your choices are “few or none.” Often we take for granted that no one can beat the IRS, when there “are” people who have taken this institution “on” and actually “won.” I am not trying to say that now you should go out and fight every big company out there, but if you feel you can do things better then “why not take them on?” You may not be able to guarantee victory but that doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed defeat either. For a while now I have been realizing that I am trying to make great things happen in an industry (music) where it has been a monopoly for so long. While I have had many “small” successes I have still not been able to claim a “major victory” yet. After hearing the pastor’s sermon yesterday I am now motivated to “take on Goliath.” It may take some time but I promise to keep you appraised of my “progress.” In the meantime, I sincerely hope that “you” can conquer your “own” Goliath” in life. In this life we have the right to “accept” the few choices we have or we have the power to “make changes.” We don’t have to be a punching bag for anyone, and with a creative plan we most certainly can “hit back.” I hope today’s Daily Thought reaches or inspires you to reconsider and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer…
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Brett Jolly and actress Holly Robinson Peete


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