Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought… “Public harassment… How should women feel about it?”

“Public Harassment…” How should a woman feel about it? The other day I talked to a woman who told me that she was walking around downtown and a couple of guys tried rather “lamely” to hit on her. She did what most females would probably do and just ignored  the guys and kept on moving. She also heard one of two of them call her the “B” word in response to her rejection. She told me that things like that happen to her a lot and she said that she is really “not” trying to get that kind of attention. It makes you wonder if men “really know” just how often a woman endures harassment in public. Now, in all fairness I need to declare something on behalf of “some” men. A LOT of men don’t even realize what women go through. They don’t consider themselves to be “just another number” when making a lewd cat call to a woman walking down the street because they don’t know just how many men she has “already” encountered. Also, it needs to be noted that “one woman’s compliment” could easily be “another woman’s harassment.” In other words, if a man makes a catcall to one woman walking down the street and she smiles back at him then he will probably “think” it is “okay” to do the same to the “next” encounter that comes along.  For harassment to do have  legal definition there needs to be “set’ boundaries in place to define it, and this is why it is often difficult to determine harassment. What can a woman do curtail it? Probably not much. Until ALL women set the same standards there will be “no true way to determine it (with the exception, of course, of “extreme cases”). Should a woman “dress down” in public to  avoid or lessen the “male shout outs” she gets? It is a woman’s “right” to look and feel pretty in public, and even though she may look good enough to “warrant” attention that doesn’t mean she deserves some of the “crude and disrespectful” comments she may get from the wrong element. Last night I took my son to one of those Halloween Haunted Houses in my area. It was a warm night and we usually go each year. In front of us was a lady who had jeans on. There was nothing wrong with that, because many women will wear jeans in public. The issue with “this” particular woman was  that she “forgot” to wear a “belt.” She had “7” kids with her (all boys and they all looked alike,  which led me to believe that they were all brothers and all belonged to her). As she walked through the lines, her pants kept on falling down “so much” that a lot of guys were “applauding and making vulgar statements.” She tried to keep her pants up but even at night you could “easily” see “crack for days.” I felt sorry for her, and I almost wanted to offer her  my own belt, but considering the fact that it was nighttime and she probably had those pants on all day I felt she just “had” to know that they didn’t fit properly. Plus her boys’ pants seemed to fit so I am sure she could have borrowed a belt from one of them (if she truly wanted to). Women do not deserve to be harassed, but it is also important to note that “certain types of clothing” will ignite more catcalls than others. If you show more “skin” than “class” then you “already know” what kind of attention you will receive before you leave your house. It “should never excuse” guys from harassing you, but even men can make the distinction between “a woman of class from a woman of trash.” Women need to be respected in public (and anyplace else). Hopefully we all can get together and come up with “set guidelines” so that we can not only determine harassment but also public decency.  As long as a woman “respects herself first” then she should “never” have to worry about a man disrespecting her. I thought this would be an interesting topic for today, and I would love to know other opinions on this matter. I can be emailed at Thank you and as always I wish the very best that life has to offer.


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Actress Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly

Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly


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