Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Ebola no longer a death threat?”)

Finally a bit of “great” news: The nurse who had been diagnosed with the Ebola disease, Nina Pham, has now been declared “totally free” of the virus and to showcase the authenticity of the cure she was filmed embracing President Obama. To me, that is awesome news to hear, and I am extremely happy for her and any others who are now making a “full recovery” from this deadly disease. While I am exuberant about these particular situations, I am a little puzzled as to why there seemed to be “no cure” for it until it was transmitted to someone here in the United States. We “quickly” managed to find a cure to treat this lady and we all should be very happy about that. However, the 3,500 people in Western Africa who died from this got “no” remedy whatsoever. Is it because our medical technology is just so much superior or did it have to do with us being “selective” in “who, when, and how” to treat it? The other nurse who worked with Ms Pham also contracted the disease and at last word I heard that she was also making a remarkable recovery. If indeed the cure has now been discovered, then I would like to know how long it will take before it is distributed and administered to those in need in Western Africa. This epidemic was a great scare and panic seemed to run rampant when this thing was initially announced. At first it was something that seemed to be attributed “solely” to the Western Africa part of the world, and while we all noted the severity of it, we didn’t really take it to heart until the disease started to hit “close to home.” I always say “Better late than never” but in this case I only wish we could have found a way to treat it “before” all those people lost their lives. I will also be anxious to see “what is done” now that we know this disease “can” be treated. Will we help those abroad? As we now see, “their” problems can easily become “our” problems when left unchecked. ALL human life should have value, and while I am by “no means” accusing anyone of being “selective” as to who should get cured, I felt the question needed to at least “be asked.”I would also like to know if anyone else feels the same way? The Ebola scare was about as bad as the AIDS scare was when it first came on the scene. Now AIDS is no longer a death sentence. Can we now say that Ebola is not far behind? I just wanted to raise this issue today, and I am not pointing fingers at anyone. I believe we ALL deserve the “right to know.” Thank you for reading my Daily Thought and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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