Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: ” Verdict on the case for the estate of Teddy Pendergrass”)

A verdict has just been rendered in regards to the estate of Teddy Pendergrass, the legendary crooner for Philly International Records who died years ago from colon cancer. Teddy’s story is fairly well known, but this “after” story is one that really “didn’t have” to be. Theodore “Ted” Pendergrass II (Teddy’s son) was suing Teddy Sr.’s wife, Joan, for the rights to Teddy’s estate. Joan had a will and was power of attorney over most of Teddy’s affairs because tears ago he had become partially paralyzed after a car accident on the drive here in Philly. Joan is a good friend of mine (and also my Facebook friend). For those who don’t know, I was Teddy’s bass guitarist from 2000 to 2006. I heard about the verdict when I went onto Facebook and she left me a message alerting me to how happy she was now that a verdict had been rendered in her favor. Today’s Daily thought is not about sharing any of those details or information on this particular story. I think I could probably understand why this court case “might” have been needed if Teddy had actually “died a rich” man… but he “didn’t.” These parties were actually fighting over money that no longer existed. Of course, in the future when a movie comes out on  his life there should be money coming in then, but for both parties to pay expensive fees “now” to lawyers for the “possibility” of future money seemed quite unnecessary to me. I do know that this procedure was emotionally draining for Joan, and while I had not heard from Teddy’s son (even though I know  him as well) I’m sure this whole experience was a trying one for  him also. When death occurs, the last thing that it should do is “drive families apart.” Instead families should come together in support of each other. I used to manage a senior citizens apartment complex years ago. During the time when I was working, I rarely saw the families of most senior residents. A lot of them never came around to visit and the seniors would come talk to me about how lonely and abandoned they felt. Whenever a death occurred family members would “rain down from out the sky” to pick up the belongings. They would come in all upset and act as though they had just lost their best friend. Also, they were “quite ready” to go right up to the apartment and claim what they felt they should have. For the record, I am putting out NO blame on this bit of drama for Teddy’s estate. I do know more about Joan’s side because she told me about the emotional stress this has caused for her. I know that she did not want to go to court over this at all. For the sake of both parties I hope this signifies the final chapter on this episode. “Material possessions can often be replaced… Loved ones cannot…” I wish them both the very best, just as I wish the very same for you this weekend. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and have a great weekend.


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Teddy Pendergrass and Brett Jolly



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