Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Conspiracy theories… How true are they?)

In lieu of yesterday’s Daily Thought about Ebola comes yet another revelation. It had been inferred that epidemics like Ebola and Aids were actually “created” to control “overpopulation.” As far fetched as that sounds, it is worth some ” investigation.” We live in a world there there are “not” enough available resources for everyone. As our population grows our demand overpowers our supply. For instance, our dependency on oil would probably have more favorable results if only one hundred people on this planet actually used it.  However, we all know that this is hardly the case. If the powers of this world realize that they can NOT increase their supply then is it quite possible they may do something to limit or decrease the population “vying” for that supply? I know it sounds crazy, but consider this: Years ago between 1932 and 1972 there was some kind of government program called the “Tuskegee Experiment.” Around 600 farmhands in Macon County, Alabama were led to believe that they were getting “free health care” from the government, when in reality the government was studying how the effects of “syphilis” on these people would result when untreated. Many “died” from this experiment. Here is an article on the study if you would like to check it out for yourself:

While we would love to believe that the government has our best interests at heart can we always be “so sure?” Over population is like a small raft at sea where hundreds of people are trying to board it for safety reasons. Just imagine this scenario: You and many others are in dangerous waters and everyone needs to fit in that small raft to live. Of course, that raft is not big enough to accommodate all the people who want to be in it, so eventually some people end up being sacrificed for the good of others. When it comes to things like diseases and wars, the end results usually account for a decrease in population. So would it be too farfetched to believe that some of these things are actually ‘”orchestrated” specifically for that purpose? It has been “alleged” that AIDS and Ebola were “manufactured” to bring down the world’s population. There is theory that both of these diseases originated in Africa where it is already known that supply does not equal demand there. When a country goes to war, it not only lessens the size of population, but it also spurts economic growth (because there is a lot of monetary investment in war gear and materials). While illegal drugs are supposed to be prohibited the activity of it brings a LOT of money to the economy and also has more than it’s fair share of fatalities. Would it make sense for the government to abolish it totally? Remember Agent Orange? Why is it that when someone has cancer that most times it ends up in death? Is it because we don’t have the means to successfully treat it or we don’t “want” to disclose the means to treat it? After all of these years of terminally ill patients I find it difficult to believe that absolutely “no” vaccine has yet been found for it. Maybe there is one out there but you have to be one of those “special” people to have it… I realize that a lot of this is mere “speculation” and that without any “verifiable proof” most of this is just “guess work.” However, I do know that the world’s resources are considered valuable, and I don’t think anyone wants those resources depleted. That being said, what “should” the government do to ensure that never happens? The government has a responsibility to protect the majority of the people it governs. I already know that the car that can get one thousand miles to the gallon was invented a long time ago. However, if the government brought this product out then it would result in the loss of thousands of jobs.  Regulation is used to run the country, even if lives are determined to be expendable in the process. I don’t want anyone calling me a rebel or claiming that I am spreading some kind of “radical conspiracy theory.” In truth, I am only asking questions that have been asked of me. If anyone knows the real answers I would “love” to hear from  you. I’m sure a lot of us would. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and I wish the very best that life has to offer you today.


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