Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: My “gig” from last night)

When I do gigs, I often never know what they are about or even the details often associated with them. I play a lot and for me the two most important things to know are “where the gig is” and “how much do I get paid.” This past weekend I had a LOT of playing to do, and yesterday (Sunday) I actually had 3 affairs to play for. The last one proved to be the most intriguing. I did know that it was a birthday party for some guy who had turned 50 years old. That’s hardly a surprise at all, because I have done many birthday parties, including Donald Trumps (seriously). Everything seemed normal at first to me, and I didn’t take much notice of anything. There were only a few people there at the beginning (not more than about 8). As the crowd began to enter, I noticed that some of the women there didn’t seem all that attractive to me for some reason (not that I am calling anyone ugly…Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder). Maybe I should just say that to me the women didn’t seem to have much of an appeal by “my” standards. However, as the evening progressed, I noticed that there were more and more men in attendance and they seemed to greatly outnumber the women. Well, there turned out to be a reason for that… The party was designed for “gay man and transgender women.” Now please note that I am NOT one to judge anyone, and I mean that. Even though I had done gigs like this before these kind of events are usually rare. Throughout the night the men danced, did impersonations of Patti Labelle and others and they had themselves a GREAT time. We did what we normally do and that was provide great music for the event. I remember someone had asked me how it felt to play for a gay function and to compare it with my regular functions. To be honest, the gay clientele has “much” more fun at their events. They are not ashamed by any means to be who they are and they don’t have to be loved, but they want to at least be “accepted” for who and what they are. I can understand that fully, We ALL are different in some way, but that doesn’t mean that we have to provide a false facade when letting people know who we are. No, I am not gay by “ANY” means, but I do respect their rights to live in society the same way as everyone else. For them, being gay is not a crime…  It is what they are… As tired as I was, I had to admit that the affair was a great one. Of course, after the gig was over I got paid immediately and I took my exhausted behind home. I mentioned this topic today because “many” of us are “quick” to judge that which we don’t know. Many of us assume that being “different” is “not normal” and in doing so we only “feed” that negative stereotype. For those that have any problems with the gay lifestyle, I only wish  they could have been there last night to this function. No matter what, people will still cling to their stereotypes and discriminating thoughts, but until you take the time to get to know them you will never fully understand them. No one is perfect, and your values don’t necessarily  make you any better than anyone else. Thank you for reading my Daily Thought today, and I wish you the absolute best that life has to offer today.


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Patti LaBelle and Brett Jolly in concert

Patti Labelle and Brett


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