Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: ‘My live musical tribute to Joe Sample”) (video)

At my Wednesday night event here in Philly (Which is labeled as the “Wednesday Night Grand Slam”) we do just about any and every type of music (seriously). Just last week jazz keyboardist Joe Sample passed away, and we did a special musical tribute to him featuring my brother Bill Jolly on keys. Bill had actually met  and played with Joe, so this tribute was a really special one, especially for those in attendance that evening. I was asked to share this so I only hope that this will work. The song is a jazz classic called “There are many stops along the way” and if features, Bill Jolly, Brett Jolly, Chris Odom on guitar, Mookie on drums and Benny Barksdale on sax.  This was gotten off of Facebook, so  hopefully privacy settings won’t have any effect on those who wish to view it. Thank you and I wish you the very best that life has to offer this weekend. If this link doesn’t work then you may have to sign in with your Facebook account to view it. Sorry about that, but it is definitely worth viewing if you can do so.