Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Favor or con job?)

Last night I got home at a rather late hour (which usually happens whenever I play at my Wednesday night spot). While getting out of my car I heard a faint voice calling out to me (not by name). I looked and I saw a small figure with an umbrella walking towards me. In my neighborhood that rarely happens because my area is a peaceful and quiet one, especially at 1:30 in the morning. This figure identified herself as an elderly woman who seemed to have a sort of dilemma. She said her name and mentioned that she was 71 years old and not looking to hurt or harm anyone. Not feeling afraid I stood there and listened to her. She said that her daughter recently had a baby but was no where to be found. Her daughter lived with her but she didn’t have any money to get the baby Similac. She showed me her ID, showed me the address and her name verification and asked if she could have just $4.00 to help her out. Immediately my mind started processing her information while listening to what she was saying. She mentioned that she needed to go to the CVS pharmacy to get this for the baby (even though the nearest pharmacy was a minimum of 5 blocks away, and she was on foot). In my mind, I came to the conclusion that she was not being fully truthful at all, and I detected inconsistencies in her story. If it had only been her and the baby at home, then how could she leave the baby alone to prowl the streets? However, I also know that she was a 71 year old woman walking the streets late at night, and while her story may not have been believable I also realized that she could be putting herself in great jeopardy by being outside late at night approaching strangers for money. My disbelief was further compounded when I gave her the $4 and she proceeded to walk in the “wrong” direction away from the CVS pharmacy. Also, if she was “that much” in need then she would have asked me for a ride to her destination, which she did not do. Many people will probably say that she “got over” on me, and to some extent that would be correct, but as long as she left the area feeling satisfied with her 4 bucks then I was satisfied with that. I know there are con artists galore all over the world. I didn’t need a full explanation of any kind from this woman to know that she didn’t belong on the streets at such an hour. To me, it was worth the money just to get her off the street. However, if I see her again at ┬ánight (which just might happen) then this will be handled in a much different way. You can get me once, but I get wiser with my second chances. I may have helped her out, or I may have contributed to her drug addiction. Either way, I managed to get a 71 year old lady headed back home and off the street, and for that i do feel good. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this story with you today, and I wish the very best that life has to offer you today.


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