Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Your body)

Just how important is your health? Well, if a basketball player put on just “5” extra pounds during the season it could have an adverse impact on his “entire” performance. When you jump you are carrying the weight of your body up in the air with you, so naturally if you add 5 more pounds to it then it would take “more” energy and strength to do so. Even if you are “not” a professional athlete your weight, strength, endurance and conditioning can have a “major” effect on your every day activities as well.  Just being the slightest bit off of your desired weight and frame can often make you irritable, frustrated, grouchy and even sick. If you can’t feel comfortable within your own body then it will show in how you address others, your attitude towards life in general and how people “perceive you.” Heavier people have been known to stress out more. Your body is your temple. Everything you do depends on how well it functions for you. The better the condition of your body, the better your quality of life is. It makes sense to assess your own  health situation, and in the process improve your quality of life. A friend of mine has recently gotten overweight. While he packed on more pounds his demeanor also changed dramatically. Where he used to be a funny guy all the time now he spends more time complaining just about everything. I am not the only one who has noticed the change within him. He seems like an “extremely high” candidate for high blood pressure and while I have mentioned it before I can see that I need to sit him down and talk more in depth with  him. 2 years ago I lost a good friend hours after I was with him, and during that time his stomach looked to be larger than normal. I remember taking notice of it and wanting to say something to him about it. I never got that chance as he died just hours later… Our bodies are the most valuable assets we have right now, and the best way to enjoy a better life is to take better care of the temple we use to navigate through it. It is not necessarily about how you “look” but more about how you “feel.” Take a moment to make your “own assessment” of yourself. Try walking around the block, doing a few exercises and then look at yourself in a full length mirror. If there is “anything” that you don’t like about yourself, then by all means do whatever you can do to “change it.” You have the power, and don’t you think you deserve the best quality of life? It starts with you. Today I am going to take a walk (or 2) around the neighborhood. I have absolutely no problems “practicing what I preach.” Hopefully you feel the same way. Please have a great weekend, and I wish the very best to you and that life has to offer.


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