Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Janay Rice (Ray’s wife) blames the media)

To follow up on yesterday’s story, the wife of Ray Rice, Janay Rice, took to Instagram to put the media “on blast” for their coverage of the incident that she says ruined their lives.
“To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass off for all his life just to gain ratings is a horrific (sic).” In all honesty, I cannot say that she is wrong. Yes, the media exploited their situation for profit and through this exposure they have ruined their lives and opportunity. However, “THAT…” is exactly what the media “does.” They prey on the lives of people with stories that will make money for them. That has always been the case for most of history. What she needed to realize was that if this incident had never happened, then there would “never have been” a story for  them to exploit in the first case. If Ray had not hit her “so viciously” then this incident would not have “taken wings” to fly. What would she have everyone do at this point? “MANY” women who are in “abusive relationships” defend their husbands or boyfriends, but does that mean that there should be “no” punishment for this type of infraction? If  everyone rescinds on his suspensions and firings now what message would that send? To forgive Ray now could possibly set a precedent that ALL cases of violence against women should be forgiven as long as the woman “stands by her man.” I think that would be so wrong on “many” counts. I understand where she is coming from. “Everything” has been taken away from them at this point, and they have basically been “ostracized” from the world for this incident. I can understand her pain, and  I can relate to her frustration, but I just “can’t put the blame on the media.” What most people need to realize is that “cameras are everywhere.” In this world there is “no longer such a thing as privacy.” Also, when you have a high profile profession there is an “enhanced level of responsibility” that you need to take in your lives, because people will take what you do and place it “under a microscope.” Granted, Ray may be  a changed man from all this (and if so, then I am glad that he is) but to just forgive this incident and “wipe the slate clean” would send a “very bad message” to all involved. I, personally, am someone who truly believes in “forgiving.” God forgives us and I believe that if I am to be Godly then I should forgive as well. However, in this instance we just can’t “forget or ignore.” If Ray can truly convince the world that “he has changed for the better from this incident” then I don’t think think that at some point we  can completely rule out “reinstatement.” However, “right now” is definitely “not” that time. With the same zest that he used to throw that punch he needs to now convince everyone that he made a mistake that will “never” happen again. We need to see emotion, we need to see change, and yes, it couldn’t hurt to see tears as well. A man is only as good as his values, and we all  make mistakes. This one will cost him, and rightfully so. What happens from here will depend on him and his wife. It is not where you come from, but rather where you are headed that determines your true value and worth. Show the world why you need to be forgiven, and let’s see what God has in store… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and I wish the very best  to you and yours.


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