Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: How to compete for your man’s attention when sports are on)

Okay, the summer is over (at least up here in the northern part of the country) and a new season is about to begin soon. For most men, the football season will keep them busy and glued to television sets. But what about the women? I heard one  woman say that she wished her man would pay more attention to her than  he did to football. She said that most times she can’t even talk to him when the game is on. Then I overheard her asking, “How can I compete with that?” I wanted to tell her that you “shouldn’t even try” to compete, but if you can”t beat it, “join it.” If a man loves  his sports, NEVER try to make him choose or try to remove him from the television set. HOWEVER, if your man is like “most” men, here is the one thing that will usually work.  Your man will probably sit down on  the couch (or someplace comfortable) to watch the game. ALL a woman needs to do  is just go “watch the game WITH him.” Now, if you don’t know “anything” about the sport then don’t “embarrass” yourself by “pretending that you know what and who  you are cheering for. Your man is “not” that stupid. You CAN, however, watch the game quietly “with” him (so as not to disturb him), preferably “cuddled up” next to  him while on the couch. If possible, wear something “casual but sexy.” A big football jersey is “awesome” and  highly recommended for a woman to don (especially if that is ALL she is wearing). Your man may not say anything while you both are watching the game, but rest assured his thermometer readings are “going up” while he is enjoying the game with you. You may not be able to get his attention while the game is going on, but you DEFINITELY have improved your chances for after the games are through. If you have one, there is something “greatly sexy” about a woman wearing an over sized football jersey. However, it is also “extremely important” to make sure  you wear the logo of  his favorite team. Don’t make the mistake of wearing an opponent’s jersey. You don’t have to say one word, but it will be important to exercise patience. The “forces within him” will be working while the game is going on (whether  you realize it or not) and by the time the games are over you  should be  his “next opponent” that he desires to tackle. You don’t “have” to lose your man to sports, but it is imperative that you don’t try to remove him from the sport he loves as well. If you are willing to work with him, then ALL things are possible. I hope that the lady I overheard reads  this Daily Thought today. Thank you for checking in with me and I wish you the very best that life has to offer this weekend.


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