Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (topic: Can a man and woman share a bed without sex?)

I had a debate with a male friend of mine over an interesting topic. We debated over whether or not a man and a woman could actually “sleep together” in the same bed WITHOUT engaging in any intimate activity (okay… “SEX”). He said that there was absolutely “NO WAY” that could happen and that “any woman” who expects a man to “not” touch her was daydreaming, because it just “ain’t gonna happen.” As tough, frustrating and tempting as it can be, I honestly believe it “can” be done, but it all depends on the mind sets of the people involved. First, if you go to bed with “no expectations” of hanky panky then that can help to some degree (but I don’t think this will be enough). Many times people “automatically get excited” just “thinking” about what could possibly be coming next. If the ground rules are already established beforehand, that should help as well. Just state that there will be NO SEX before even getting into bed. Also, it is important to know the “reason why” this couple would even “have” to stay in the same bed together in the first place. If there is no other reason other than “We just want to do it” then all expectations of celibacy might be “greatly” endangered. Can I think of a situation where a man and women  might need to share a hotel room and bed together? Absolutely… If they are both traveling on a business trip but the hotel overbooked the rooms (and there is “only” one room left) then I could possibly see that. As extreme as that may sound, I would not be surprised if that type of scenario has not happened before. Also, when it comes to sharing a bed together, I do believe that if possible it would be beneficial not to wear anything considered “sexy” to bed.  Sex is often “inspired” and what you wear can deliver a “great subliminal message.” Also, it could help if you are occupying a “double bed” hotel room. I have never yet heard of a couple having sex from 2 different beds that are “significantly apart” from each other. Someone would have to be “majorly gifted” for that (smile). Finally, if you HAVE to share the same bed it would be beneficial for   you to “turn your bodies in different directions” so that things won’t go “bump in the night.” All it takes is “one small touch” to “ignite something.” When we are sleeping often our “natural tendencies” seem to take over.  Keep your “naturals separate” and  you just might make it through the night. My friend still disagreed with me, but I don’t mind that. If you are  mature enough to allow your mind full control, then I believe it “can” be done. For those of you who disagree, I respect your opinion. Either way, I felt this was an interesting topic for today. so I sincerely hope that no one  minds me sharing. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and I wish  you the very best that life has to offer.


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