Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Joan Rivers)

Comedienne Joan Rivers is currently on life support at Mount Sinai Hospital. For those who are not familiar, Rivers, 81, has been arguably one of the funniest women ever. She is also host for the television show “The Fashion Police.” She has done a lot in her career and if you would like to know more you only need to Google her name. It has been said that “if” she survives she will have to undergo a massive rehabilitation process that might keep her out of the public eye for years. Thursday she went for treatment for breathing issues when she suffered heart and lung failure and had to be placed in a medically induced coma. I can personally say that I had the privilege, pleasure and honor to actually “meet” Ms. Rivers at a television taping for QVC (The Shopping Network) in West Chester, PA. My group was there to do a segment for Bose speakers when we saw an entourage of people head in our direction. I had noticed that the lead person in this group was a little tiny lady who looked to be older from the neck down. Her face, however, looked extremely tight as though her face had been pulled as far back as possible. For me there was no mistaking it. It was Joan Rivers. Unlike a lot of other celebrity status people, she was cordial, polite and “very” friendly to us. In fact, at one point she came to us and said that the staff overstocked her green room with all kinds of food and goodies. She then told us that we could go into her room and have any of the food there. She then alerted her entourage that the band, and ONLY the band was allowed in there. We thankedĀ  her so much for her generosity and hospitality. I am sure there are people who probably don’t like her for some distorted reason, but I am writing this today to say that as far as celebrities go I consider her to be the “top” of the class, and I will keep her in prayer for what I hope will be a full recovery. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and I wish the very best that life has to offer today. Take care and have a great one.


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