Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Songs I like that give me goosebumps)

I was asked if there is any song  out there that actually gives me “goosebumps” whenever I hear it. In other words, “Is there a song out there that actually touches me emotionally?” I can honestly say that there are “quite a few” songs like that. One is a song by James Ingram that has extremely powerful lyrics to it. The song is entitled “There’s just no easy way to break somebody’s heart.” To me the message is powerful and meaningful. Before anyone goes off thinking that this song relates to my real life situation I would like to say that the answer to that is undeniably “No.” I just happen to feel this particular song.   Musically I love a song by Eddie Kendricks entitled “Tell her love has felt the need.” The arrangement of the song is a perfect fit for his high pitched voice and I just “love” this piece. Also, I get affected whenever I hear Stevie Wonder’s “If its magic,” which is a beautiful but basic piece that only features Stevie’s voice and  his keyboard using the “harp” patch. This composition was masterfully written by Stevie, a musical genius. I also love his other song “My Cherie Amour.” Also, there is an  old song by the Dramatics simply entitled “I want to go outside in the rain.” The presentation of this song is awesome, and the way it is sung combined with the lyrical message behind it  makes it one that I’m sure a lot of people might relate to at some point in their lives. A song that touches me just by the harmonies and the tone of the voices is an old song by “Seals and Croft”  entitled “Diamond Girl.” This song is a classic and I never get tired of hearing it. As for my “former boss,” Teddy Pendergrass, I always loved it whenever we performed a song of his entitled “It don’t hurt now.” I played it at his funeral and it had a special attachment to me even more. As you can see, there are a “lot” of great tunes that actually give me “goosebumps.” However, there is one song in particular that is “way too short” in length but has a “really special” message for me. In fact, I hope to sing  this song next week at one of my Wednesday night events for the very first time. This tune is from Marvin Gaye, and I can feel  his love whenever I hear him sing it on this track. The song is simply entitled “God is my friend.” I invite you to Google it and listen for yourself while making your own assessment. I love this song, hands down, and the message is unique and personal in nature. People have different things that they get out of music whenever they hear it. One person’s treasure can be another person’s trash. The joy of music is with how it can effect your own personal life. I invite  you to think of a song today that has always touched your heart. If you do, it might make the difference in just how good your day actually is… Music does “have that power…” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and I hope you find inspiration today from any source that is worthy. Take care and have a great one.



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James Ingram and Brett Jolly (with Sheldon Reynolds, formerly of Earth Wind and Fire and John Croom, formerly of Boyz II Men, Allyah and Genuine)

James Ingram


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